Does anyone know how I can sync my old fb account as well as my gmail accounts, if not syncing the accounts I would like t....


Oct 20, 2017
Can't remember my passcodes, so i created new accounts,only to run into problems with someone undesirable obtaining it,. Once again I had to change it. Now the phone is lost and so am I w/out my accounts (facebook & messenger) it is very depressing and my friends have no way of contacting my supportive friends as well as them me. When I tried to contact facebook/ messenger they could only send the confirmation code to the lost phone and that didn't work for obvious reasons. I was irresposibe for not writing down the password. But in my defense I must say that I have had a lot of b rain injury that causes me to have problems. Please please help me retrieve this account as I am just getting out of the hospital and desperately need my numbers and supports at this time.
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