need serious Help!

Dec 26, 2018
I need desperate help!
I have a buisness instagram account as subaksigns, and also 2 facebook pages, one facebook page is an old one that i used for connecting with friends and one is for my buiness which then a has a page for my buisness. I tried connecting my Instagram with my facebook so that i can promote my insta post on facebook , when i tried doing this my instagram kept getting connected to my noraml facebook page, I deleted the facebook page and unlinked the account, i then started over and tried linking my instagram page to my buisness page, when it asked me to sign in to the facebook page i wanted to connect i entred the login for my buisness page but this did not do anything and did not link to my page on facebook or my timeline, i am now trying to now unlink the page from instagram and it wont let me. It keeps saying “the account logged into this iphone is not an admin of haider become and admin to post to this page” both my facebook accounts have the same name Haider ali apart from one of them had a page which is my buiness page.

I tried to make this short and simple as i could but i am really struggling and need of help!



Unless you've given authority to another individual for said Business FB page, you're dead out of luck and will need to contact FB support for retrieval of your account. The way I know it to be, the Business page is tied to your (personal)account. Since you rid yourself of the account, the ownership/admin rights have also been abolished.