A complete list of all ‘Ok Google’ commands


Like Siri for Apple, Google Now is a very competent voice assistant that lives in your portable device. With a huge repertoire of commands, there are over a hundred things you can ask of Google Now. Google have yet to release a complete list of all ‘Ok Google’ commands so I had to make my own. I hope you like it.

Ok Google
To use voice commands on an Android device you first need to ensure it is enabled.

1. Navigate to Settings, Google, Search & Now Voice.
2. Enable ‘Ok Google detection’ from the home screen and all screens if you like.
3. Train the voice module if you haven’t used it before.

To use Ok Google, just say the phrase and substitute the qualifier for your name, place, person or command of choice as signified by the brackets.

• Call [Name]
• Call [Place]
• Call [Relationship] (Relationship must be present in contacts)
• Send [Mail] to [Name], [Subject], [Message]
• Send [SMS] to [Name], [Message]
• Contact [Name]
• Find [Name] [Name or email address]
• Listen to voicemail
• When is [Name’s] birthday?

• Search for [Name, Place, Item, Whatever]?
• Say [Phrase] in [Language French/Spanish etc.]?
• How do you say [Word] in [Language]?
• What is [Query]?
• Who invented [Item]?
• Define [Word]
• What is the meaning of [Word]?
• Who is married to [Name]?
• Stock price of [Stock/Company]
• What is [Stock/Company] trading at?
• Author of [Book]
• How old is [Person/Place]?
• Where was [Person] born?
• Show me pictures of [Anything]
• Post to Google+ [Image name/Quote]
• Post to Twitter [Image name/Quote]

• Open [Application]
• Launch [Application]
• Take a [Picture/Selfie/Video]
• Record a video
• Remind me to [Item] at [Time]
• Remind me [when I arrive at location] to call [Name]
• Note to self: [Note]
• Set an alarm for [Time]
• Set a timer for [Time]
• Wake me up in [Time – hour/minutes]
• Create a calendar event: [Title] [Time]
• When’s my [Meeting/appointment]?
• What is my schedule for [Day]?
• What time is it in [Location]?
• When is the sunset [Location]
• What is the time zone of [Location]
• Time at [Location]
• Map of [Location]
• Where’s my hotel?
• Find the [Location]
• Where is [Location]
• Show me the nearby [Location] on map
• Navigate to [Location] by car
• How far is [Location] from [Location]?
• Directions to [Location]
• What are some attractions in [Location]?
• Flight [Flight number]?
• Flight status of [Flight number]
• Has [Flight number] landed?
• When will [Flight number] land / depart?
• Show me my flights
• Help me
• Where’s my package?” (As long as tracking info is in Gmail)
• Show me the menu for [Restaurant name]
• [Math expression] equals
• How much is [Number] times [Number]?
• What is [Number] percent of [Number]?
• Square root of [Number]
• What is the tip for [Number] euros?
• Convert [Unit] to [Unit]

• Weather
• What’s the weather like?
• Do I need an umbrella today?
• Is it going to rain [Tomorrow / Day]
• What’s the weather in [Location]?
• How’s the weather in [Location] on [Day] going to be?
• How are [Sports team] doing?
• When is the next [Sports team] game?
• Show me the [Sports] table
• Did [Sports team] win their last game?
• Go to [Website]?
• Open [Website]
• Show me [Website]
• Browse to [Website]
• Listen to / play [Song] by [Artist]?
• YouTube [Subject/Title]?
• Who acted in [Movie/Play]?
• Who is the producer of [Movie/Play]?
• When was [Movie/Play] released?
• Runtime of [Movie/Play]
• Listen to TV
• What’s this song?
• What songs does [Artist] sing?
• Play some music
• Watch [Movie/Play]
• Read [Book]
• What movies are playing [Day]?
• Where is [Movie/Play] playing?

• When am I?
• Do a barrel roll
• What’s the loneliest number?
• Make me a sandwich!
• Sudo, make me a sandwich!
• How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
• Beam me up, Scotty!
• Tilt / Askew
• Up up down down left right left right
• Tea, Earl Grey, hot
• Go go gadget [App name]
• When does the narwhal bacon?
• What is the Bacon number of [Artist]?
• What does the fox say?
• What is the nature of the universe?
• Who’s on first?
• Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…
• Who are you?
• What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
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