A Quick and Simple Way to Remove Malware from you Computer

Hey everyone who is a somebody or a nobody! It's rcsavi here again to bring you a hopefully quick and simple way to remove Malware from your computer. I had a Malware infection about 3 weeks back, but managed to restore the computer back to its running self with the help of Malwarebytes - and it's free!

What I ended up doing to rescue the computer from a clean start was download the program in safe mode.

To safe the computer, all you need to do is:
1. Boot the computer into safe mode
2. Go to Malwarebytes and download the program - like I said above, it's free!
3. Once you have downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, go into the program and run a FULL SCAN - this will check every file on your computer for the Malware infectious files.
4. This is going to take a while, so sit back and either watch the files go by, or go do something else while the scan runs.
5. After the scan is done, the amount of files infected will be displayed, and you will be able to go remove them.
6. After asking to do a reboot (which you do need to do), you can remove the files from the quarantine in the program.

This was the program I used to recover from the infection my computer had a few weeks back, and I have not had any problem since. For a free product, it works great, and it does not conflict with other antivirus (such as Norton). Hopefully this helps you out if you get to the situation of having Malware on your computer, and good luck getting rid of it!
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