Answer, What Roku Model Do I Have?

It can be quite confusing to determine what Model of Roku you have since there are quite a few of them out there. To make matters worse, some of them come with identical boxes that can be extremely difficult to tell what model you have. However, these Roku devices can be identified by their model numbers and the distinct features they offer. Read on!

Roku Express

This is one of the cheapest options available costing about $30. It’s good enough for the average Joe whose only requirement is to stream high definition TV shows.
If you have a Roku Express this is what you can expect or use to identify it;

1. Connects via HDMI
2. Has a Dolby Audio via HDMI
3. It can screen mirror for Android and Windows devices
4. You can do a voice search using the Roku mobile app.
5. The Roku express streaming model number is 3900

Roku Express+

This one cost approximately $40 and is similar to the Roku Express. You can identify it by the additional A/V cable needed for use with older TV sets lacking an HDMI port.
This can turn your older TV into a smart TV, it includes HDMI cables to help you stream your favorite channels in no time. The express plus model number is 3910.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku in the form of an HDMI stick, it comes with complete voice and search remote.
It is a portable and powerful device, very good for hotels and dorms where space is essential. Also includes a voice remote with buttons for TV power and Volume.
It is very easy to confuse the Roku streaming stick with Roku express. Whereas the express connects to your TV via a cable the streaming stick plugs in directly to your HDMI port. Major features include:

1. A dual-core processor
2. Voice search is available to quickly access your favorite TV shows
3. Can turn on the TV and adjust its volume
4. Roku streaming stick model number is 3800

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Priced at $70, this is the cheapest of the Roku lines to have 4k and HDR compatibility. The Wi-Fi coverage is much longer than the ordinary streaming stick because of its inbuilt USB-receiver.
Exceptionally small, with a stronger signal and smooth streaming in every room. Has 4k and HDR picture quality.
The difference between the Roku streaming stick + and the Streaming stick or Roku express is that this device supports 4k and HDR while the latter doesn’t.
The Roku streaming stick plus has a model number of 3810

Roku Ultra

The distinguishing feature with this Roku is that it has a microSD card with a voice search and Ethernet connection
It additionally has a private listening feature with included headphones, a lost remote finder, powerful dual-core processor and has the best wireless performance. It also has an enhanced voice remote with buttons for TV power and volume.
The Roku Ultra model number is 4660.

Roku 4

Roku 4 is perhaps the latest of the Roku streaming devices. The major distinguishing feature from its predecessor the Roku 3, is the 4k streaming capability. It comes with the latest OS operating system that enables users to follow movies and TV shows with notification alerts when particular shows are reading for streaming.

Roku LT, Roku HD, Roku 2XS and Roku XD are identified by their composite video connections.
Roku 2 XS and Roku 3 are the only models with USB connections. Roku 3 is the only model with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
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