Audio Output of Laptop Is Very Low without Headphones

If you have a laptop with low configuration and no branded soundcard, you might likely face this issue. Since the soundcard is not branded, even the speakers would not be able to produce high quality output with increased volume. However it is obvious that if a laptop is quite normal and no branded soundcard is present in it, it wouldn’t also have decent quality speakers to produce good sound quality.

Microsoft understands this and therefore it has integrated many features in Windows 7 that allow you to configure the operating system’s sound in a way that the laptop starts producing the audio output with increased volume.

Although you can also rely on third-party software applications to improve the volume of the audio output, it is always a good idea to first try some built-in features that Windows operating system has. Trying built-in Windows features to improve the volume of the audio output could save you a decent sum of money and time that you would otherwise spend in searching for any third-party application that could best fit your requirements to your satisfaction level.

Since the audio settings that Windows has are user specific, no administrative intervention is required while configuring the sounds.

Here’s what you need to do to increase the audio output of your laptop:

    ■Log on to the computer using administrator’s username and password.

    ■Click the Start button.

    ■At the right of the Start menu, click the Control Panel.


    ■On the opened Control Panel window, click Hardware and Sound.

    ■On Hardware and Sound window, click Sound to configure your audio devices or change the sound scheme for your computer.


    ■On the opened Sound box, double click Speakers icon from the displayed list.


    ■On the opened Speaker Properties box, go to the Enhancements tab.

    ■Check Loudness Equalization checkbox.

    ■On the same Enhancements box, check Equalizer checkbox.

    ■After checking the Equalizer checkbox, under the Sound Effect Properties section, select Rock from the Setting drop-down list.


    ■Click OK on all the opened boxes and windows to save the changes.

    ■If the changes are not noticed, restart the computer and then try playing the same audio file.

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