Backing up Candy Crush Progress on iOS Without Facebook

If you play Candy Crush often enough, you’ll probably eventually find yourself in the annoying situation where the app either crashes or stops updating to Facebook. To fix the issue, you’ll have to uninstall the mobile app and then reinstall it. The problem is, if your app isn’t updating to Facebook, your game isn’t fully backed up and you could lose progress. Here’s how to backup your Candy Crush progress without Facebook if you get a message saying, “You don’t have access to the kingdom right now.”

Step 1
Start out on your laptop or desktop. Download the iExplorer app (, which will allow you to access and view everything on your iOS device from your computer.

Step 2
With iExplorer installed on your computer, connect your iOS device via USB. iExplorer should recognize your device, and the phone or iPad will appear on the sidebar of the page.

Step 3
Select “Apps” from the sidebar options given for your device. A list of your apps will then take up the bulk of your screen. Find Candy Crush and click on it.

Step 4
The data for Candy Crush should include a “Documents” folder. Right click on it to open a dropdown menu, then select “Export to Folder.” You’ll be asked where you want to store the information. Simply create a new Desktop folder so that it’s easy to find—just name it “Candy Crush”—and then click “OK.”

Voila! Your latest Candy Crush progress is backed up. Now, just disconnect your device, uninstall Candy Crush, reinstall it, and then hook your device back up to your computer. Follow the same steps above to access your Candy Crush data, and then just replace the documents folder with the one you saved on your Desktop.