Best Method for Removing Front shattered Glass on Devices

Hi All ,...Im Alan and am very glad to participate and am new to the group. And wanted to participate so I thought I would share what I do to ones who may repair , Ios devices , or any other brand as well. .So I own a small Electrical Buisness and I also repair I phones , I pads , Mac, etc etc. as a side job and mostly from friends and relatives , but also lately from new clients and customers establish while wiring their homes .And what was a side thing is really growing .
So rather than go into great detail on the repair of these devices from start to finish ,I will explain one step or part of the process that is the worst part of the process entirely

It's rather tedious and difficult to remove the splintered shattered glass on these devices and is somewhat hazardous with cuts to hands but is serious when most don't realize that tempered glass can fleck off larger pieces and into the eyes even with safety glasses on . Here's what you do. Some repair shops use a hair dryer ,or a low wattage heat gun . NO NO NO NO !
It's hard to tell the difference in what's the proper heat to remove the glue or mastic and at what point does the lcd screen burn . The temps are close and it's not worth the chance .

Here's what I do and works so perfectly I would not be surprised if Apple doesn't have something similar ..I put the devices in a toaster oven I bought new just for devices .
Home Depot has the best one to get .Made by Black and Decker for $26.00. It's a very simple one without all the crap and other controls like for Broiling and Bagel s blah blah blah .

It has a temperature selection range ....and a separate timer .....and a function switch .

Devices are different , but for I pad the temp set at 95 -100 degrees F. For 41/2 mins and is perfect to soften the mastic and not damage any other components, . The glass effectively
slides right on off ..I do have other devices temps and times but there are so many and should you want to know for your device comment on this post or thread.

Have great day all ......Later on