BitDefender Antivirus Automatically Deletes Script Files from Hard Drive

BitDefender Antivirus Automatically Deletes Script Files from Hard Drive
After installing Windows operating system on your computer, it is important that you also install a strong and powerful antivirus application in order to protect the system from virus attacks and intrusions. When talking about antivirus applications, BitDefender is the one that is preferred by many home users and IT professionals.

Along with all the positive aspects that the BitDefender antivirus has, the downside of this application is that it automatically deletes any file that it considers malicious or harmful.

In your case, if BitDefender automatically keeps deleting your script files or any other known files which it considers harmful, it is recommended that you keep all those files at a single location and then exclude that location from the BitDefender scan list. This will allow the BitDefender antivirus to skip the executed location, hence keeping the files intact.

Warning: Excluding a particular location, an entire partition, or folder on your hard disk drive from the BitDefender scan list can make your entire computer vulnerable to risks. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you exclude only the locations from the BitDefender scan list that do not contain any important information. Also it is recommended that the location that is to be excluded should not be in the system drive, which is C:\ on your computer hard disk.
Below is the process using which you can exclude a folder from the BitDefender scan list:
    ■Log on to the computer using administrator’s username and password to make modifications in BitDefender.

    ■Click the Start button from the left side of the Taskbar.
    ■From the Start menu, click BitDefender 2010 (BitDefender Total Security 2010 is used for this demonstration).

    ■On the opened BitDefender Total Security 2010 window, from the left bar, click the Antivirus under the Dashboard tab.

    ■On the displayed box, go to Exclusion tab.
    ■On Exclusion tab, click + sign button.

    ■In BitDefender Exclusion Wizard window, click to select Exclude by file/folder path radio button and click Next.

    ■On the next window that appears, click Browse button.

    ■From the BitDefender Choose Target box, click to select the target location from the tree.

    ■Click OK when done.
    ■Back on the previous window, click Add to add the target folder to the exclusion list.

    ■Click Next to continue.
    ■On the final window, click Finish to finalize the exclusion process.

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