Changing the Billing/Currency of Your Netflix

When relocating to another country, often we think about our passports, work permits and luggage as important items to tick off our to-do lists. However, few people give a thought to whether or not their Netflix accounts will work in their new countries and how this will affect their current billing plans. This is especially the case when one’s Netflix account bill was registered in the United States, where US Dollars are used and the account holder has moved to the United Kingdom where Pounds are used.

Sadly, for Netflix users in this predicament, who wish to be billed in the currency of their new country, the best way to resolve the matter is to cancel the current account and subscription then wait until the remainder of the month had ended. Following this, at the start of a new month, restart the account in your new country.

Here are steps on how to do this:
1. Go to
Go to the far right hand side of the screen and click on the “Sign in” option. This step requires you to enter your username and password.


2. Go to “Account” or “Your Account”
Then go to the far right-hand side on the screen again then click on the drop-down menu icon close to the square smiley icon. Click on the drop-down menu icon then go to the “Account” or “Your Account” option.

3. Go to “Membership and Billing”
Once you’ve accessed the Account, go to the “Membership and Billing” option and click on a square icon that says “Cancel Membership”.

4. Finish Cancellation
• After clicking on “Cancel Membership”, then click on the “Finish Cancellation” option. Netflix will then provide you with a date of when the cancellation will be effective as well as the last day you will be able to access Netflix and still watch your favorite television shows and series before the membership is cancelled. A new screen will pop up after you have cancelled the membership and it will ask you to tick a box on why you are cancelling your account as in the image below:

• The company will also send you an email confirming cancellation of the membership. Please note that your membership may be restarted again at any time and that Netflix will save your viewing preferences for up to a year after your membership cancellation.

5. Go Back to “Your Account”/”Account”
After Step 4, a new prompt will written “Back to Account” will appear on screen. Click on the “Back to Account” button and this will take you back your Account. A blue banner informing you that your membership account has been cancelled will then appear on top of your account information. There will be another button on the screen stating you can “Restart Your Account”.

6. Restarting Your Account
Before restarting your account, make sure that Netflix is available in your new country of residence. Additionally, be sure to restart your account only at the end of the current billing cycle then open a new account in your new country. Finally, note that the Netflix content library may differ from country to country and some shows and movies may not be available in some countries and the airing thereof will also from time to time differ.