Checking and Monitoring a Laptop's Temperature

Feel like your laptop is verging on overheating? You’re probably not alone. Laptops tend to run hot, and if you’ve been using one for most of a day, or even for just a few hours on a particularly hot day, you may find yourself wondering if your system is going to burn itself out. Here’s how to monitor the temperature of your laptop to make sure that nothing is going seriously wrong.

Step 1: Check the temperature specification for your computer. This information may be provided in your owner’s manual, but it's more likely to be found online by searching your system’s specific Intel or AMD processor and seeing what the maximum and ideal operating temperatures for the CPU is. In most cases, the maximum is around 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), but such temperatures can still be problematic for your system. You’ll generally want your operating temperature to be half that.

Step 2:
Download a program that can assess the temperature of your system. The most popular example is SpeedFan, which can be downloaded here, for free, to your Windows machine. Once it has downloaded, allow SpeedFan to install.

Step 3: Launch SpeedFan, and allow it to monitor your laptop. The program should show readings for the temperature of your CPU and of your system as a whole, as well as RPM readings for your fan and certain other pieces of information. If your CPU is running at over 50 degrees Celsius, there is likely something wrong with your machine.


Even when laptops feel like they are about to burst into flames, they are probably fine. However, if you feel that your computer is getting too hot for its own good, download SpeedFan to check and see exactly how hot the machine is running. You might be surprised by what you learn.

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