Connecting Google Glass to a Secure Wi-Fi Network

Google Glass is a hands-free computer, much like a smartphone, attached to glasses for people on the go. Most people access the Internet on their Glass through their phone, but this is limiting. Connecting Glass to a secure Wi-Fi network can be tricky, but here's how to do it:

Step 1: Open up your Glass menu by tapping on it and swiping to the end where you will see the battery and Wi-Fi data options. There will be a dog-eared button in the top corner. Tap on that to open up your sub-menu.

Step 2: From here you can see all the Wi-Fi networks near you. For an open network you can just click to connect. For a secure network you will have to swipe over to use a QR code.
Step 3: To use a QR code you must open the MyGlass menu, choose the networks option, and then put in any necessary password. Then a QR code should pop up.

Step 4: Go back to your QR code option and then point your camera lens to the QR code you got in the last step. The Glass should recognize if it and connect to the network, as long as the code is correct.

Recap: It is possible to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks using Google Glass; it just takes a few extra steps. Find your QR code and scan it. As long as it’s correct you should be able to connect.