Copy Purchases Between Apple Devices

You don’t just want your purchases stored on your Mac – you want to be able to access them from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod, too! If you want to copy purchases to other Apple devices, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Your first option is to use a home network to transfer items wirelessly. Make sure you’ve downloaded iTunes 9 or a later incarnation. Next, select Home Sharing on the left side. You can also go to File then click on Home Sharing and select Turn On Home Sharing. You’ll need to do this for all the computers that you want to copy music to.

Step 2: If you want to share music on a Home Sharing network with an iPhone or iPod, select Music or Videos, then click on More and select Shared.

Step 3: To share Home Sharing network content with an iPad, select Music, More, and then Shared. For Videos, simply select Videos and then Shared. You’ll have to select the Home Sharing library you want to access.

Step 4: If Home Sharing isn’t for you, you can burn purchased items to a disk and then import the burned CD into iTunes on another authorized computer.

Step 5: You can also use a removable media drive to move the music to another computer. Just drag and drop the files to the iTunes folder in Users/[your username]/Music.

Recap: It’s easy to share your favorite tracks, videos, and playlists with another Apple device. Use the steps above to share iTunes content with your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or iPod.