Create original screensavers for your laptop

Screensavers used to do just that – save a computer screen from getting ghost images on it. Now, screensavers are used as entertainment or as a way to display information. You can change your screensaver at any time on your laptop. You can choose from all sorts of designs, and you can also create your own. Here’s how.

1. You can design your own custom screensaver using a variety of different programs. Many people will choose to make their screensaver personal and may utilize photos. You can use programs like Flickr to customize your photo or artwork. When finished, save your file.

2. To change your screensavers, you can right-click anywhere on your desktop screen.

3. A drop-down menu will appear. Depending on your laptop and the operating system that it uses, you will choose whatever takes you to your Display Properties. In Windows 7, for example, you will select Personalize and then Screen Saver.

4. In the Screen Saver Settings box underneath Screen Saver, you can select your file.

5. At the bottom of the box, click on Apply.

6. Click OK to save your settings. Your new screensaver will now be used.

You can set the time before your screensaver is to appear while you are in the Screen Saver Settings. Make sure to click Apply when you change the time, or the new time will not be saved. You can repeat the above process any time that you wish to make a change to your screensaver.

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