Customize the Pen Button on a Microsoft Surface

One of the most unique things about the Microsoft Surface tablet is the pen that comes with it. The pen, allows for writing and drawing as well as instant access to the OneNote application. The latter “quick access” function is provided by a button on top of the pen, while two clicks of that button can take a screenshot.

Now, though, Microsoft has unveiled a new app that may make the pen button more customizable and user-friendly. Use the steps below to learn about this new app and download it to your Surface.

Step 1
On your Surface, do a Google search or go to the Windows Store to find the new “Surface Hub” application. This app was developed to make it easier to configure your Surface to meet your specific needs.

Step 2
Download the free app to your tablet.

Step 3
Once you’ve downloaded the app, launch it on your Surface. As of now, you are only able to change the top pen button function very slightly. Specifically, you can choose between two versions of OneNote for what the button opens.

The configuration options of the Surface Hub app (which also lets you adjust pressure sensitivity for your pen) are a bit limited. However, it’s worth it to download the app now, so that you can get the updates in the future when Microsoft decides to expand the configuration options for the pen and tablet.