Dell XPS 13 Charging Tips


The Dell XPS 13 is a very accomplished laptop with a lot going for it. Did you know that there are actually two ways to charge it? You can use the standard cable and plug charger or USB-C which is included in the new XPS 13. I have collected a few charging tips for the Dell XPS 13, here are just a few of them.

Charging the Dell XPS 13
The standard charger works fine but seeing as the newest XPS also includes USB-C, we may as well take advantage of this new technology. As long as your USB-C charger is PD (PowerDelivery 20v) compatible it should work seamlessly. This saves you having to carry around a bulky charging cable with you wherever you go.

Charging issues
A few users have been having issues charging their XPS using the mains charger. Here are a couple of tips for overcoming that.

1. Turn the laptop off, remove the battery and the charger cable from the wall.
2. Hold down the power button for around 15 seconds.
3. Replace the battery, plug the charger back in and boot the laptop.
4. Retest charging as normal.

Not sure how this works but for many people having issues have reported great success with resetting the battery. If you’re having issues with charging, you might want to check the battery status in the BIOS.

1. Reboot the laptop and boot into the BIOS.
2. Select Power Management and Primary Battery Charge Configuration.
3. Make sure that it is set to Standard and not Adaptive.
4. Reboot and retest.

There is also a known BIOS issue that can stop the battery charging over 60%. Performing a BIOS update to a known working version can also overcome charging issues with the Dell XPS 13. Check the Dell Support website for the latest BIOS as updates seem to be coming thick and fast!