Dell XPS 13 Error Code Troubleshooting Guide


Error codes have been an integral part of IT support since time immemorial. Whether generated by hardware, firmware, software or the operating system, telling the user or support engineer what is causing the issue is a core part of troubleshooting. It’s a shame nobody told Dell that. If you’re trying in vain to look up error codes for Dell XPS 13 Support, you’re not alone.

I have spent hours trawling their support site trying to identify error codes but to no avail. They have masses of resources on their site, but nothing about the most basic of troubleshooting, identification through error code. Fortunately, there are other ways to get that information.

Look up error codes for Dell XPS 13 Support
There are three kinds of error codes for a Dell XPS 13. There are beep codes that can occur at boot. There are light codes that use the LED on the front of the laptop to communicate. There are also software error codes from both Dell firmware and Windows itself.

Dell XPS beep codes
I cannot find a list of beep codes anywhere on Dell’s website. The website mentions ‘Search for Error Codes but just lists a series of search functions. Not very helpful at all.

To find your answer, you can use this great guide on Dell XPS beep codes. While a couple years old now, the beep codes are apparently the same in a new XPS as in one of the first.

Dell XPS LED codes
The same is true for LED error codes. We know the laptop uses them to communicate battery state but the Dell website doesn’t mention them at all. At least where I can find.

Fortunately, someone on the Dell forum has put together a chart listing the LED error codes and what they mean.

General Dell XPS error codes
The Dell software and firmware also generates its own error codes but there is precious little information on what they mean. The only way I have been able to identify them is by using Google to search the Dell Forum. Use this search parameter to look for error codes within the Dell Support Forum.

Finally, Google is your friend for standard Windows error codes.