Dell XPS 13 Wireless Card Replacement Guide And Tutorial


One of the few complaints made by Dell XPS 13 owners is that the wireless card isn’t very strong. Plus, if you want to install Linux, the Broadcom card that comes with the laptop doesn’t always work with the OS. Regardless of why you want to replace it, here is how to replace the wireless card on your Dell XPS 13.

Replace the wireless card in your Dell XPS 13
To make this work you will need a T5 Torx, a precision Phillips screwdriver and a replacement wireless card. The current replacement of choice is the Intel 7265NGW which is the same size and will fit nicely into place. Plus, it’s only around $20.

Here’s how to replace it.

1. Turn off the laptop and lay it face down somewhere flat.
2. Undo the eight screws that secure the base.
3. Lift the XPS badge and undo the screw hiding underneath.
4. Carefully pull off the base of the laptop.
5. Find the network card in the corner, helpfully labeled WLAN.
6. Undo the small gray holder that secures the card in place.
7. Carefully disconnect the two cables and slide the card from its slot.
8. Slide the new card into place, secure the cables and replace the holder.
9. Replace the bottom of the laptop making sure you use all the screws.
10. Turn the laptop on and install the Intel 7265NGW drivers.

Replacing the wireless card in a Dell XPS 13 is very straightforward. Just take care in prying the bottom of the laptop off as it can be tricky and need a little persuasion. Also be aware that there is a lot going on inside a laptop case so be careful where you put your fingers and screwdrivers!

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