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Distorted Display On A MacBook Pro? Here’s How to Fix

If you have ever opened your MacBook from sleep only to realize that it has distorted colors that constantly appear and disappear after some time, know that you are not alone in this issue. The distortion affects random models of MacBook Pro, regardless of whether the computer is new or refurbished.

Whenever you encounter such a predicament, it is advisable that you reset the System Management Controller (SMC) to help regulate the different hardware systems in your MacBook Pro including displays. If you continue to experience problems even after the SMC reset, the other alternative is to run Apple’s diagnostic utility to identify any possible hardware defect that may be causing the color distortions. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the above procedures:

- Resetting The SMC On A MacBook Pro
- Before proceeding with the reset, determine whether your battery is removable or non-removable. The older versions of Mac notebooks have removable batteries, while newer versions have non-removable batteries. After doing this, you can now proceed with the following steps for each type.

Non-Removable Battery

• Click on the Apple Menu and select “Shutdown”

After the computer shuts down, hold down the left Shift+Control+Option keys of the built-in keyboard while pressing the power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. The Touch ID button is the power button for MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

• Release all keys at once
• Power on your computer.

Removable Battery

• Turn off your computer
• Remove the battery

• Hold down the power button for 5 seconds
• Re-insert the battery
• Turn on your Mac computer

Running Apple Diagnostics in your MacBook Pro

If your Mac model is from June 2013 and later, this is how to run Apple diagnostics in your device.
• Disconnect any appliance that may be connected to the computer’s ports, except for applicable hardware such as the mouse, displays, AC Power and Ethernet connection.
• Place your MacBook Pro on a flat and well-ventilated surface.

• Turn off your computer
• Power on your Mac and immediately press the “D” key until prompted to choose a language

• Select your preferred language. The diagnostics will automatically start

• Note down the reference codes that will be generated for you after completion
• Choose either “get more info”, “run test again”, “shutdown” or “restart.”
• Agree and send the codes and Mac’s serial number to Apple.
• Apple will then send you instructions that you should strictly follow.

On older Mac versions, those older than June 2013, the Apple diagnostics procedure is similar with the new models to some extent. After selecting your preferred language, here are simple steps you should apply in these kinds of Macs:

• Right click on the arrow
• Select “Test”
• Restart or Shut down your Mac once you are finished collecting the results.

In case you find a hardware problem to be the cause of color distortion in your MacBook Pro, you will need to take the computer to be serviced by authorized Apple service providers.
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