Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Frosty Fruits Puzzle Pieces

The level Frosty Fruit has a lot of frozen fruits and jumpy watermelons. Beware from the spiked tunnels as well. Just keep going to the right while keeping away from the enemies and you will eventually reach the slot barrel. To get the puzzle pieces on your way to the end of the level, follow the instructions below:
Puzzle Piece #1:
Getting the first puzzle piece is not a challenging task. All you need to do is to spot the two consecutive ice cube blocks at the start of the level. There will be a line of bananas above them. What you need to do is to go above those ice cube blocks and pound on them. You will then enter the secret room. Now you need to collect all of the bananas in the secret room. Remember that you need to collect all bananas within 30 seconds. Once you do, you will reveal the first piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Keep playing the game and soon you will reach the checkpoint pig. Once you reach there, go to the left of the checkpoint and you will see a plug in the ground that is encased in the ice. Pound the ice to shatter it and then pull the plug from the ground. As soon as you do that, you will reveal a winged banana. Collect all of the bananas in its wake. Once you do that, the second puzzle piece will appear.

Puzzle Piece #3:
You will reach a springy watermelon with a vine above. You need to bounce off that springy watermelon to reach the vine. Now hang off the vine and then a Popsicle will appear on your right side. Stand on the Popsicle and ride it down to a short distance. There will be a wooden structure to your right, jump into it (It will be easier to roll onto the wooden structure from the Popsicle.) Once you get on the wooden structure, you will reveal a hidden cove and a puzzle piece inside it.

Puzzle Piece #4:
You will come across a tunnel with ceiling spikes. Run through that tunnel and jump over the frozen watermelon spring sitting on the ground and through the brick wall that will be in front of you. Now aim for the banana that is on the other side and you will directly land inside the blast barrel. That barrel will shoot you over to the fourth puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #5:
Keep playing the game as you will not get to see another puzzle piece any soon. Now as soon as you reach the slot barrel, roll jump past it and you will find the fifth puzzle piece.

If you follow all the steps mentioned in the guide above then you will be able to get all of the five puzzle pieces in the first chance. Just make sure to follow all the instructions mentioned above.