Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Meltdown Mayhem KONG Letters

Meltdown Mayhem is one of those levels of Donkey Kong that brings summer to the house. The lava filled level is not only difficult to the eye but also very difficult when you play it. Therefore, this guide will help you in not only getting all KONG letters, but also in clearing this level. So let’s start:
Kong Letter #1:
Once the game starts, keep on playing for a while and then after going to the right side for some time, you will find a Rambi Crate. You can then mount on the Rambi and tear through the level. Just make sure you do not fall into the lava. Keep going to the right on the Rambi and you will find a checkpoint pig. After the checkpoint, you will see the first KONG letter. Be quick in getting the first KONG letter as the platform under the letter will sink into the lava.

Kong Letter #2:
Keep on moving to the right after the first KONG letter and then you will come across the castle looking structure. You will find the second letter on that castle-like structure. But you have to be quick in getting that second letter. This is because the platform beneath the second letter will start to sink. So grab the letter before the platform sinks.

Kong Letter #3:
After that, just keep on moving and you will come across blast barrel sequence and then the checkpoint pig, keep on moving from there and soon you will find another Rambi crate. Get on the Rambi and keep moving to the right side and you will see that a few platforms are being lifted by geysers of lava. You are now near the third letter of KONG. After a fair distance from there, you will see the third KONG letter floating between an owl and an icy platform. Stand on the platform and wait for it to crumble. Once it does, you will fall on the third letter. From there, bounce off the owl and go into the blast barrel at the right side. Now wait in blast barrel and let the wall in front of you sink in the lava.

Kong Letter #4:
After you have collected the third letter. You need to then keep moving to the right and soon you will come across a hilltop and the last letter will be at the top of that hilltop. Simply go ahead and jump up to grab the last letter. Now keep on running to the right and soon you will come across a blast barrel, get into it and it will throw you at the slot machine barrel and that how you will complete the level.

The instructions above will not only help you in getting all the KONG letters but will also help you in successfully completing this level as it is very difficult to clear. Just stick to the instructions and you will get all the KONG letters.