Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Scorch ‘N’ Torch KONG Letters

As the name says “Scorch N Torch” the level is unequivocally filled with fire. You will see fire everywhere ranging from the ground to the trees. Just make sure to steer clear from the fire and keep going to the right. If you want to get the KONG letters on your way to the right then follow the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
One thing that you need to keep in mind throughout this whole level is that you can dowse the fires. To do that, you need to use the blue plants as they are filled with water. Pick them up and throw them onto the water and that will dowse the fire. Now as the level starts, move to the right side and you will come across the swinging vines, just past those vines will be the first KONG letter. It will be floating up in the tree. Make your way towards the branch of the tree on which it is floating and then nab it. But be quick as the burnt leaves will not hold forever.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have grabbed the first KONG letter, continue to the right side and you will come across a burning vine. Use the blue water plant to put out its fire and then use it to get to the top of the tree, from there, jump to the other side at the rocky floor and you will come across the checkpoint pig. Go past the checkpoint pig and dodge the flaming and falling pillars. Keep going to the right side and you will enter the next area of the level. There, you will see the second KONG letter floating between the two vines. Climb onto the vine and grab the KONG letter.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, continue through the level and you will come across some more trees that will start to sink when you land at them. Look beneath the second three and you will see the third KONG letter floating clear as a day. To collect the third KONG letter, wait on the branch that is above it and then quickly nab the letter.

Kong Letter #4:
As you get the last KONG letter, climb the tree and them jump to the rocky floor to the right side. There you will see the next checkpoint pig. Go past the checkpoint while dodging the flaming arrows and the fiery vines. Keep going to the right side and you will soon spot the last KONG letter that will be floating between the row of falling fireballs. To get the KONG letter, jump in a timely manner so that you do not get struck by a fiery ball.

Follow all of these steps that are mentioned above and you will be able to get all four KONG letters before the end of the level. Just make sure to avoid all fiery obstacles in a timely manner.