Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Windmill Hills Puzzle Pieces

The level is filled with windmills and fiery monsters. You will be faced with crumbling platforms as well. Just keep on going forward while tackling all obstacles and follow this guide to get all puzzle pieces:
Puzzle Piece #1:
There is a shield at the left of the level as it starts. Go to the right, slam the logs out of your way and then pick up the barrel. Go back to the shield and throw that barrel at it. Inside is a secret room. Collect all bananas in the room in 30 seconds and the first piece of the puzzle will appear.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Move along to the first windmill, get the Dixie Barrel at the centre and then keep on moving. Soon you will come across the second windmill with a lonely banana on the platform. Grab it and all other bananas that come out afterwards and you will reveal the second puzzle piece.
Puzzle Piece #3:
Keep on moving and you will come across a giant owl, just past him is another windmill with penguins on all of the four platforms. Defeat all of them to reveal the third piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #4:
You will come across a checkpoint, just past it and you will come across the fire-breathing pig, stomp on him. Now stomp back and then slam the ground that is in front of the barrel and you will reveal a lot of bananas. Collect them all and the fourth puzzle piece will appear.
Puzzle Piece #5:
Continue moving and you will reach a barrel cannon. From there, you will reach a springboard. Collect all the bananas that are on the windmill and two red balloons will appear. Keep on going and you will be again faced with a fiery pig. Stomp on the pig to reach Diddy Kong barrel above. Now hold on to the barrel and then toss it towards the sack that is hanging in the sky to reveal the fifth puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #6:
Go to the right and just after the pig you will see a pile of leaves, roll through them to reveal a ring, pull it from the ground and you will reveal a hidden cove that has the sixth piece of the puzzle. Slam the ground on to the right to get down and collect it.
Puzzle Piece #7:
Go inside the building that is on the right and keep going upwards until you come across a barrel cannon. Before going into the barrel look towards left and you will see a hidden entrance, go and jump inside to find a secret room collect all bananas to get the seventh piece.

Puzzle Piece #8:
Go in the cannon and you will land on a zip line platform. Now just past the checkpoint, there is a windmill with some bells on all four of its platforms. Slam the ground of each bell and the eighth piece will appear.
Puzzle Piece #9:
Just past the crumbling platforms there will be a barrel, jump in it and time your blasts to reach the windmills, there, you will notice the final piece of puzzle spinning around. Time your shot when you land inside the barrel and collect the ninth piece.

Follow all of the instructions given above to get all the pieces of the puzzle and make sure not to leave any piece of the puzzle behind.