Enable ReadyBoost to Increase System Performance

ReadyBoost feature helps to speed up slow systems. ReadyBoost makes flash memory usable as physical memory (RAM). It does so by allowing the Windows to assume that the flash memory is the additional physical memory, and its capacity is equal to the free space available in the USB flash drive.

The general problem with slow PCs is less physical memory as compared to the use of the system. Increasing system’s physical memory is an option but it is quite expensive. There is a much simple solution to this problem, i.e. by using USB flash drive.

ReadyBoost is a cost effective solution to increase physical memory. A 4GB RAM is much costlier than a 4GB pen drive. However this feature is only available in Windows Vista and above operating systems. OS that were released before Windows Vista do not have ReadyBoost feature in them.

Windows allows only one flash memory to be used as ReadyBoost at a time. Although the minimum requirements of a pen drive to be used for ReadyBoost is that it should be of at least 256 MB, it is recommended that the equivalent size of flash memory as that of physical RAM provides best results. E.g. if a system has 1 GB RAM, pen drive of 1 GB would be best to be chosen for the ReadyBoost. Also it is said that the change is easily noticed in the systems that have less physical memory.

Once a flash memory is used for ReadyBoost, it should not be used for data storing purpose. For all those who think that your pen drive will have reduced life if used for ReadyBoost, a pen drive can work as long as 10 years working as ReadyBoost.

Steps for creating flash memory as ReadyBoost:

    ■Connect the flash memory to your computer.
    ■Make sure that flash memory is connectable directly to the USB port of your computer. Therefore it is suggested to use pen drives for ReadyBoost.
    ■From the Autoplay box that appears, click Speed Up My System.

    ■On the displayed box, under the ReadyBoost tab, click to select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost.

    ■Once done, finally click OK to start using the device for ReadyBoost.

Note: Although ReadyBoost considerably improves the system performance, your data might be vulnerable to risks as during ReadyBoost, your information is also stored in the USB flash drive working as the ReadyBoost device. If the flash drive is stolen, and the hacker somehow manages to decrypt the data stored in the ReadyBoost device (your pen drive), the exclusivity and privacy of the classified information might be compromised.
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