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  1. E

    (NOT SOLVED) Extreme under performance MSI GX60 Gaming Laptop

    Usually I am quite proficient when it comes to repairing computers and keeping them preforming well and utilizing them for the best output but lately I have just been running into continuing problems with my MSI GX60. My system specs are as follows: Summary Information OS Name Microsoft...
  2. T

    Memory Usage being Drained

    I was able to play Medival Total War 2 yesterday and now all of a sudden it is really slow. Also I noticed I can not play videos or use Netflixs and my Laptops Use Physical Memory is steady between 65-90%. Some Specs Windows 7 HP Pavilion g7 AMD A6-3420 4.00GB of RAM
  3. R

    Laptop at 90% physical memory!

    Hi guys, my laptop HP probook 4430s, is suddenly using a lot of memory. Physical memory is at 90% in idle state. Usually it's 40% in idle state. I don't know what's the problem! CPU usage is fine ie single digits. Btw, ram is 2gb. I already checked for malware in safe mode, but it's clean...
  4. viveknayyar007

    Enable ReadyBoost to Increase System Performance

    ReadyBoost feature helps to speed up slow systems. ReadyBoost makes flash memory usable as physical memory (RAM). It does so by allowing the Windows to assume that the flash memory is the additional physical memory, and its capacity is equal to the free space available in the USB flash drive...
  5. H

    Kernel-Power Event 41 Task 63

    Whenever I try to watch videos in HD or play games on my computer, my computer randomly shuts down. It gives no warning beforehand, it just shuts itself down as if it is shut down manually. The warning states that this is Kernel-Power Event 41 Task 63. My computer runs on Windows 7 64 bit, and...
  6. D

    Windows xp dumping physical memory to disk

    please help me!! I'm getting this error oftenly....
  7. G

    Dumping physical memory to disk

    Hello, every 30 o 40 minutes this message apear on screen and restart losting all data. Wath can I do?
  8. V

    Laptop related

    Hi, I am having Dell Laptop with Win 7 OS, recently i am getting error of dumping physical memery and suddenly laptop gets restart, again when it restarts 3 to 5 mins it runs properly but again suddenly get same error "dumping physical memory" , on a blue screen and again it restarts. i have...
  9. S

    Solved! Please help - blue screen physical memory dumping to disk

    One error is coming with blue screen "Physical memory dumping to disk" for a very short peroid of time and restart autometically. when i start my hp laptop enter the passward and want to do something... please help me who i can solve that one thanx.
  10. jms493

    Solved! Laptop is not booting up....any help?

    So my Dell laptop the other day got the blue screen of death (dumping physical memory). Now it hangs trying to repair. I let it try and repair for over 12 hours and nothing. I am able to access the BIOS so I changed the boot order and put a windows install CD in there. I was going to do a fresh...
  11. A

    I have sony vgn-cs320d fall down . after that i tried to turn it on every things

    i have sony vgn-cs320d fall down . after that i tried to turn it on every things it was cool then after it open the os windows7 in couple seconds it gave me message ( physical memory to disk.than i turn it off and i open it up to see the rams and then i close it again and i start i did not see...
  12. I

    Memory copy without cache involved

    Hello, I'm searching for the way to do memory copy without cache involved. I want to copy data from one location of physical memory to another location of physical memory, i.e., I want real memory copy instead of virtual memory mapping. Does Intel processor provide instructions to do that? In...
  13. J

    Solved! Beginning dump of physical memory.

    My laptop goes to a blue screen and shuts XP down with a message that it is dumping physical memory and that there isa BAD_POOL_CALLER and that I should run CHKDSK/F to check for hard drive corruption. How can I do that? It will not even open in safe mode.