Laptop at 90% physical memory!


Jan 8, 2015
Hi guys, my laptop HP probook 4430s, is suddenly using a lot of memory. Physical memory is at 90% in idle state. Usually it's 40% in idle state. I don't know what's the problem! CPU usage is fine ie single digits. Btw, ram is 2gb.
I already checked for malware in safe mode, but it's clean (Malwarebytes).


Jul 3, 2012
Give a list of all the programmes installed in your laptop and give a screenshot of all the running tasks in the task manager. Also, though Malwarebytes is great for malware detection, the new versions (2.0 upwards) are extremely buggy and can mess up a system pretty badly, so I suggest you uninstall it and in future use it only for one time scans and do not keep it installed.
Also download Ccleaner from here
Clean your system and registry errors, and from it disable all programmes from startup except the anti virus and see if it helps.
Lastly, what AV are you using?
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