Question Samsung NP 300 E5A cabbage

Allan Connor

May 23, 2014
I have a Samsung NP 300 E5A i5 laptop, yes it's old and antiquated but has a very strange issue. All drivers are installed I added a SSD for additional speed. Problem is from full shut down screen is black and the fan ramps up to max, (prior to this fan kicks normal then stops and then max). when I remove the bios battery and wait say five minutes it works perfectly. I've checked all connectors even swapped the ram out replaced the bios battery and still does the same thing. There was a dot of corrosion on 3 resistors next to PCH but has been cleaned and tests normal. It's like it cabbages itself during shut down. Any idea on how to resolve this as I've accessed the bios and all looks ok, like I said, once a shut down is done I've got to dismantle the entire base unit to disconnect the bios battery as there are no short terminal points near memory boards. Believe I have spare bios chips so could possibly clone what's on original, just scratching my noodle as to what the problem could be!