Enabling 'OK Google' Voice Search on a Nexus 5

‘OK Google’ is a phrase used in Android Wear watches and other Android devices to activate the search mode with a voice command In any such device, whenever you speak “OK Google” in the mic, the device’s voice command mode is activated, and from thereafter you can start controlling the gadget with your voice.

Although the phrase makes things easier for you when it comes to using your smartphone or Android Wear device, your device must be configured accordingly before it starts accepting the command.

Once the feature is enabled, you can speak “OK Google” in the mic of the device and start using it with your voice seamlessly.

Here is how to enable the ‘Hotword detection’ feature on your Nexus 5:

    ■Switch on your Nexus 5 smartphone.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the apps list.
    ■From the app’s interface, locate and tap the Google Settings icon.
    ■Once the Google Settings window comes up, tap Search.
    ■On the next opened window, under the Search & Now Cards section, tap Voice.
    ■When the Voice window appears, tap to check the Hotword detection checkbox.
    ■Once done, you can launch the Google search feature by speaking “OK Google” in the mic.