Everything You Need to Know About Stardew Valley Farms

One of the features of the hit game Stardew Valley is its farms. The farms in the game allow you to farm crops. Farms are one of the most critical resources in the whole game - not only do they provide food for the animals, but they are also a source of steady cash flow.

Stardew Valley contains a few different types of farms. Each farm has its features, and you will need to have a good understanding of the characteristics of each of the farms to progress in the game. Knowing a farm can significantly help you in the long run.

In the following article, I will explain the different kinds of farms, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their features.

Standard Farm: The standard farm occupies most of the land in Stardew Valley. Your land will be littered with hundreds of these farms. The standard farm is an excellent source of nourishment and nutrition. The total amount of the farmland tiles on the standard farm is 3427, and the biggest coherent rectangular area is 63 x 31 tiles. The standard farm is the most common type of land in the game and is excellent for harvesting crops, and for animals.

Riverland Farm: The riverland farm is land covered partially by water. These Riverland farms can be an excellent source of fish. The player hunt for fish in the water to use as a source of food when crops are scarce.

Forest Farm: The forest farm covers the edge of your land. This type of farm is mostly made up of trees and foliage. The forested areas are a source of wood, large renewable stumps, seasonal forage items, and weeds. The forest farms are also full of bushes. The berry bushes can also be used as a source of food. Ponds and grass areas also appear in the forest.

Hill-Top farm: The Hill-Top farm is one of the rarer farms in the Stardew Valley game. This type of farm is mostly found in a special mining area in the southeast region of the map. The Hill-Top farms are an excellent supply of stones, ore, and geodes. The type of ore and geodes that you mine are relative to your farming level. The better quality ores appear at a higher level, while the lower quality ores appear at a lower level. The Hill-Top farm is also a source of fish. The cliffs and the stream in the Hill-Top decreases its farming area.

Wilderness Farm: The wilderness farm is the most dangerous type of farm in the game. The monsters come from wilderness farms. Monster and Wilderness Golems can come for you in the night. The level of the Monster and Golems depends on the combat level of the game.

Each farm has its unique features. The Standard Farm is ideal for farming, the Riverland Farm is great for fishing, the Forest Farm is helpful for foraging, the Hill-top Farm has great opportunities for mining, and the Wilderness Farm is prone to combat.