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  1. M

    How I solve this when I open my laptop

    This device is not in compliance with Texas Health Resources standard. Please contact our service Desk at 682-236-4357. Provide the asset Number. 99050547 and serial Number. 2CE34219KG
  2. K

    iBuyPower BTS Mini Special

    What components did you buy to get this under $800? When I went to the iBuyPower website, I selected mostly all standard options (which doesn't add additional costs) and it went over $1,000. Please reply!!
  3. F

    Solved! Standard usb printer cable to xlr???

    Is their a standard usb printer cable to female xlr? Or even a converter that would work?
  4. C

    Solved! Hit to hook up Nintendo to a element tv it does not have the white red yellow plugs on it

    I have a element tv trying to hook up a original Nintendo with the standard yellow,white,red but my tv does not
  5. M

    Why does the FPS drop when playing standard PS4 through 4k tv?

    Hello guys, I recently bought a 70 inch 4k LG TV (70UK69) and when I connected my ps4 (not pro, 2013 model) to play blackops4, I immediately realized a difference as the image felt sluggish and it felt like it was not 60 FPS. What is the reason of this problem and how can I solve it? Do I have...
  6. T

    Solved! Ok so not sure if this is possible but I'm trying to connect the following . . . .

    Ok so not sure if this is possible but I'm trying to connect the following, good luck helping me lol: Studio Standard Fisher stereo amplifier (mo# ca-880) / Pioneer audio/video stereo receiver VSX-501 / Studio Standard Fisher Graphic Equalizer (mo# eq-275) /2008 LG TV (mo# 52LG60-ua) / (2)...
  7. E

    Solved! My Civic FC5 Does not show the all my musics via usb

    Hello i have a 8 gb usb and 2017 Civic Elegance with standard radio system. Here is the problem, i uploaded 750 songs in my usb but the car only showing 256 of them. I tried take a part with the folders but same problem , car doesn't show the folder. What should i do? Please Help..!!
  8. G

    Solved! i need 2 front covers for fisher studio standard model 9425 speakers

    the speaker cabinets have no protection for the speakers
  9. S

    Gamut: SMPTE, Standard or REC. 709

    When do I use REC. 709 color gamut for DVDs? What color gamut should I use when I watch a DVD upconverted with a blu-ray player for an HDTV? Standard, SMPTE, and REC. 709? What does LG mean by Standard? Is SMPTE the same SMPTE-C?
  10. R

    How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues

    Roku players come with two types of remote: the Standard Infrared remote, and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote. The latter does not need to be pointed towards the Roku player as it sends its signal through the wireless network. If you’re having trouble with pairing your remote or keeping it...
  11. D

    How to connect wireless headphone or ear buds to old stereo w standard 3.5mm plug in but no Bluetooth

    Trying to find wireless headset or buds for old stereo w standard 3.5mm plug in but no Bluetooth or anything just a plug in for wireless adapter
  12. USAFRet

    Beware cheap camera batteries

    I have a resonably nice camera, a Fuji X-T1 mirrorless. Came with the standard single battery. Anyone who actually uses their camera knows that one battery is not enough. So you buy extras. Rotate them through the camera and charger. The price of an actual Fuji Li-ion battery was $65. WAY too...
  13. J

    How to connect my standard lg DVD player to an hisense smart tv

    How do I connect my standard lg dvd, model DP132, to my Hisense smart tv, model 50H8C
  14. M

    Samsung TV humming on Standard mode

    I have a Samsung UE50JU6875 that is humming. The only thing that removes the humming is switching to Dynamic screen settings. That would be the solution if it wasn't for the fact that the TV looks like crap in that mode :/ Is there anything I can do to solve the humming issue on Standard mode?
  15. B

    connect antenna to Onkyo receiver TX-61

    standard 4 insert back with antenna - FM - AM - 300 ohm input terminals and grd
  16. F

    I get an error when I open Microsoft Sql Server 2008 R2 on Windows 2008 Server Standard SP2.

    I have just uninstalled SQl Server 2008 due to error when I saved a Maintenance Plan. Then I reinstalled SQL 2008 Server R2 on this Server but I get the error when I open it. Please I will appreciate very much your help with this issue!
  17. 1

    Virus jumped accounts

    I have had very little help in the past when looking this up online google search. Why does certain viruses seem to jump between a standard user account and an administrator account, and ending up on both. It was of my opinion that separating the two should prevent this; however, that does not...
  18. J

    Solved! Change picture from theater to standard

    How do I change picture setting from theater to standard?
  19. M

    Everything You Need to Know About Stardew Valley Farms

    One of the features of the hit game Stardew Valley is its farms. The farms in the game allow you to farm crops. Farms are one of the most critical resources in the whole game - not only do they provide food for the animals, but they are also a source of steady cash flow. Stardew Valley...
  20. B

    I have a Sony blu Ray player . A standard hdmi cable connector won’t fit. Did they change for blu ray?

    HDMI cable connector won’t fit blu Ray player.
  21. mjohnson24

    MSI GS65 Purchase

    So my delima is i can get the laptop from newegg for $2499.99 with 2 year warranty and that comes with free stuff right off the bat and either get another NVME 512gb drive later and raid them together which both drives will have the 2500mb/s transfer rate or what ever it is with a total of...
  22. C

    Need Laptop with graphics capabilities and standard microsoft office features. Do not need "gaming" capabilities.

    Low budget Laptop that can handle normal Microsoft Office stuff and Graphics.
  23. D

    Non- Gaming Laptop for playing CS:GO standard games

    Hey guys I’m looking to buy a Laptop for playing games like CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite type games. No super high quality games. Looking for under the 350 range
  24. R

    Solved! Should I Upgrade My 2011 Macbook Pro to High Sierra or Sierra? Why?

    should I update my standard macbook pro early 2011 (4gb ram, 500gb HD, intel core i5) to sierra or high sierra? or should i stay on el capitan? and why?
  25. C

    What to get

    High time I updated from my bog-standard and ancient Nokia and got a phone which as well as doing calls and texts can get me on the internet and do emails, take photos and videos, and record sound. I AM NOT in the least bit interested in streaming films and TV, listening to music or gaming...
  26. F

    Help accessing BIOS on obscure OS

    Hey guys! I’ve come across a few pc’s all in great condition and very solid specs. Only issue is they have some weird OS installed and when booting them I cannot get into the BIOS with the standard press F12, F2, or del. The OS that shows when booting up is “Retail Next 5.26”. I looked them up...
  27. T

    The @ key is lost on a "Standard" keyboard. Can not enter settings to change things.

    Setting up a new computer selected "Standard" as the keyboard type from a drop down menu. This was before signing in with Mictosoft. Now I can not sign in to MS because I can not find the @ key to enter my email. Where is the @ key on a "Standard" keyboard. (Not a US or English keyboard). The...
  28. S

    photos on sd card

    the standard response is not the correct solution. Note 8
  29. U

    Connecting Headphones to TV

    Hi there guys! So I'm looking to set up my standard headphones(3.5mm wired) to my TV however I'm not sure how to achieve this :/. I've attached the picture of the back of the TV below as well as some wire that was given to me. Any advice?
  30. D

    3.5mm to standard audio speaker

    Alrite lads.. Wondered if this is possible. I have just bought a DJ controller, it has 3.5mm inputs for audio but I don’t really want to buy extra speakers as I already have decent ones with my stereo.. problem is it has the standard 2 wire input into them. I have had a look online and you...
  31. P

    How can I Fix no sound on Vizio tv

    I have done all the standard trouble shooting like resetting the sound settings, trying to connect external sound device (like computer speakers). But I still have no sound. What can I do?
  32. W

    Woofers with Rhythmic Popping not Hooked to Amp/Rcvr

    Hi When I plug my 2 woofers in to the wall outlet using a standard power bar there is a rhythmic popping sound every 2-3 seconds. The speakers are not hooked to the amp/receiver just to the wall outlet. I just moved and thought that there was something in the electrical system (refrigerator...
  33. Bo Lee

    Lack of limbs

    I have seen a preview of a couple of VR games and in them I see the weapons and stuff floating in air with no limbs there. Is that standard? With the glasses on does it somehow overlay the weapons and stuff over your own arms? Seeing the previews makes it look kinda weird.
  34. L

    Help me, need advice

    Hello everybody What is the HDMI connection standard for a TV, I'm wondering about the issues related to it, expect people to contribute. Thank you
  35. E

    Expected Vdc output on a laptop w/BSOD

    Terrible question, but necessary since I'm not an AC/DC expert. Would a laptop power adapter connected to a laptop that only booted to the BSOD and would not boot to the operating system (Windows) be expected to produce a lower output than normal (15.1 Vdc vs the listed 18.5 Vdc)? Or should a...
  36. A

    Need old power cord for 1950s Webcor LP2791-1 reel to reel tape recorder or equivalent

    Does anyone have any idea where I might find something that fits? The requirement is 105-120 volts, 60 cycles, 95 watts which should be pretty standard but it is also the connection that is troublesome.
  37. sparker781

    Dell E6440Hard drive caddy alternatives

    Is there an alternative to the standard caddy of the E6440 hard drive caddy cover? I hate the one that came with the laptop and frankly lost the cover. Any help is appreciated Thanks
  38. E

    Cant remove initialsite123

    I cant remove initialsite123 from my standard search engine. It keeps poppin up when I removed it. I've tried so many different malware programs but they all failed to locate it. Anyone can help me?
  39. K

    Hi, I have a Nikon d3000 and looking to take pictures where you get that misty look from the water, how do I use my camera to

    I have a d3000 and I want to get the misty look from water , any guidelines on how I can do it , I'm using a standard lens , any help would be great
  40. Frizzo

    Acer HDD Question

    So, now I have somewhat deteriorating situation (depending).....I just have very simple question about these internal laptop hard drives that are working from standard SATA......this one has the standard SATA but also has the little tiny serial strip that attaches to the motherboard of the...
  41. P

    Kodi TV Recording

    I have a standard Kodi XMBC box rather than Kodi on my PC & would like to know if there is a way to record series links from live air TV rather than having to replace my existing box for a built in TV tuner Kodi box via a coaxial cable please? Ideally I would like to know of any FREE addons that...
  42. A

    ARC Terminal use

    Can the ARC terminal on a TV or Receiver be used as a standard HDMI connection point?
  43. F

    WHat is the Difference between G752VS and G752VS OC edition Laptop?

    I'm planning to buy a new gaming laptop and G752VS is my choice but i'm curious about the two variation which is the standard and the OC edition. Does the standard issue can be overclocked to be on par with the OC edition?Is the OC edition is just an overclocked version of the standard issue or...
  44. S

    how do I set up my hdtv to a standard cable box not using hd cable or hd service

    Does anyone know how to set up a hdtv to a standard cable box? I'm not going to use an hdmi cable or a hd box, only standard to view tv in standard mode. Hope you can help, thank you
  45. E

    Admin Acc w/ UAC vs Standard User Acc for Windows 10

    Hi all, Wanted to ask 2 questions... 1. Is it true some programs require full admin rights to run properly, which can't be done while logged in as standard user? Does that mean it would cause problems if I were to solely use standard user account? Anyway to by-pass this? And this leads to...
  46. D

    new samsung stereo with no phono jack want to use standard headphones

    When it comes to electronics I am clueless..but I read up on it some and thought a RCA 2x male to female cable would allow me to plug in headphones to work but does not. please help if anyone knows anything about stereos without phone jack but does have mic and bluetooth ports
  47. 1

    antenna size Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 anyone know what antenna to order so it fits the standard one below the image doesn't fit
  48. S

    Dell precision - buy RAM from dell or upgrade afterwards

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a Dell precision 5510. Where I live it come standard with 8gb of ram and I need 16gb. But the price for the Dell upgrade is almost the same as the price of a 32gb kit from corsair, crucial or kingston. Shoud I just buy it with 8gb and upgrade afterwards. Or are there...
  49. D

    Sony XBR-65X850D Headphones

    I'm looking for a solution to my Sony Smartv bluetooth issues. Standard 4.0 Bluetooth devices (headphones) are not supported on Sony's 3.0 Bluetooth. Is there some sort of transmitter available that I could get to solve this problem? If so, what is it and where can I get it? We have some...
  50. S

    How do you connect and hdmi tv to regular cable without a cable box? The cable is a standard coax cable coming out from the w

    Just bought a Visio home theater TV and it connects to cable services using an HDMI cable. The cable coming out of the wall (we have no box in this room) is a standard coax cable.
  51. G

    Portable Bluetooth speaker

    Hello, I need some help with Portable Bluetooth Speaker . Price range 2k~3k .However good ones will be preferably high . Please suggest me that has good clarity and bass .Loudness is normal for its standard.
  52. C

    Xbox One S & PS4 Pro on 4k tv without HDR

    Hi Guys, I have a 4k without HDR :( i currently have a standard ps4 but was looking at getting the above consoles for the below reasons. Xbox - 4K Blu rays PS4 Pro - Higher resolution gaming compared to standard PS4 as my TV lacks HDR will i see much difference if i get a one s for 4k blu...
  53. kol12

    User account permissions need resetting.

    I've converted my administrator account to a standard user account and created a new administrator account. As a standard user I am able to access the admins user folder which I should not be able to do. There must some issues with the permissions somewhere but I'm not sure how to go about...
  54. C

    Best picture for LG 55UB820V

    Hi guys, bought this tv last year and i have just used the standard settings but I'm thinking of investing in 4k blu rays and wanted to know if anyone can tell me the optimum settings for picture quality please. Regards
  55. G

    Multiple HDMI Inputs, Split Screen view

    Not quite a question but a response to ... This feature is now standard for many monitors. It is generally referred to as "Picture by Picture" The obsolete LG model 29EA93-P monitor...
  56. C

    Is the GTX 960m the standard for gamming laptops out right now?

    It seems the 960m is in everything under $1000 at the moment. Those with one, do you like it, or do you with you had spent more for something nicer? Thanks
  57. Hamperking68

    Does wire quality affect the volume of speakers?

    I have a receiver which I'm using thin standard speaker wire from an old Pioneers system. However I would like to know whether increasing the wire thickness will increase my volumes. Is there also a way to get more bass out of my sub?
  58. ShadyOrb09

    What's The Best Headset For Gaming?

    Hello, I'm looking for a new headset and I don't really want a 'gaming' headset. I find them really cheaply made, and they break within a year not to mention most of them having sub-par audio quality. I'm basically just looking for a headset where I can hear footsteps easily, with high quality...
  59. S

    Standard tab s2 charging/turning on problem........ It doesnt do either...... HELP!!

    same as most others. Tab got hot every charge then after charging it turned itself off and now it does absolutly NOTHING.