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  1. T

    Cant get rca soundbar to work with westinghouse tb

    I have standard red white cable from the sounbar to red white on the tv but no sound from the sound bar. Source selected as aux, power on but nothing.
  2. K

    samsung galaxy S3 external charger wont charge fully for some battery

    recently i bought a new external charger and 2 high capacity battery's because my charger port on my phone is broken. the standard battery that i had in my phone charges via the external charger fully to 100% but the other 2 high capacity battery's only charge between 85% and 95%. the standard...
  3. A

    Scanning multiple photos at once and saving them into separate files

    Hi I'm preparing to digitise old family photos and I'm looking for an application which would speed up the process. I have a standard A4-flat-bed scanner and it would be nice to scan at one time as many photos as the scanning area can fit. It would be even nicer if there was some app that would...
  4. A

    RCA to HDMI

    Have a Direct TV standard box D12-700 and a Dynex TV 720p (3 HMDI ports). Trying to figure out what is the best cord to get for better picture quality.
  5. C

    Why is my NEW battery draining so fast?

    I just got a new 12 cell battery from Anker on Amazon. My old battery use to last about 4 hrs on balanced mode when it was new. This new battery only lasts about 4 hours on powersaver mode. Using BatteryMon I can tell that my discharge rate is about 26000-35000mah on average. The battery is...
  6. C

    My video input won't let me use the non HDMI video input

    Why would there be a standard yellow "video in" on my Sony 7.2 receiver, but no way to get it to recognize the signal coming from my DVD player and send it along with the optical sound to my tv.
  7. A

    windows server 2012 r2 Remote Registry switching logon account after any restart

    I have a windows server 2012 r2 standard edition, running Hyper-V running windows server 2012 r2 too.. The problem is that any time i do a restart to the server, the Remote Registry service change the logon account from "Local Service" to "Local System" while i want it to stay running with...
  8. M

    Font Making software

    Do you guys what industry standard software is used to make fonts?
  9. P

    Earbud microphone not working, but can playback on speakers.

    Hello there, My earbuds have been working fine, so has the microphone for the past couple of months or so, i think it's the standard Samsung earbuds. It's kinda hard to explain, but when i try and talk in either teamspeak or skype, they choose my laptop mic as standard. I've tried everything...
  10. S

    well this specs be good enough for gaming TV

    Display Resolution Full HD Tuner DVB-T/T2 Video Processing X-Reality PRO Motionflow™ Motionflow XR 200 Hz Backlight Module LED Dimming Type Frame Dimming Live Colour™ Yes Deep Color Yes Intelligent Picture Yes Intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction Yes MPEG Noise Reduction Yes Advanced Contrast...
  11. N

    Apple dumb standard to PC headset issue

    I bought sennheiser headset but online marketer told me they are android and yet I got * apple jack on it so my controls dosnt work with my android and when I connect them on PC i got sound from left headphone can anyone help me choose right converter...
  12. D

    can I get 4k uhd from a standard broacast roof antenna?

    I'm thinking of getting a 4k uhd tv, but I don't use any cable services. Instead I use a standard over the air rooftop antenna with coax cable. Can these options be compatible and what can I expect for resolution?
  13. D

    ipad holder

    how big will the ipad holder go on the DJI Phantom 3 Standard
  14. R

    Fisher speakers - rare?

    Fisher st-441 studio standard series speakers - looking for an estimate on value, please. Possibly hard to find? There are no results on Google! Just similar speakers.
  15. epicninja21

    Blue Yeti - Sideways set up?

    So, as I'm branching out from a headset towards a standalone mic and headphones I was wondering if it would be possible to set the mic sideways instead of the conventional upright or downwards position with this boom arm? If not, could you recommend a boom arm/stand that isn't too expensive...
  16. W

    How to connect dish TV to a panosonic tau

    No HDMI JUST the colored standard plugins
  17. D

    Is there any way i can use Microsofts "High definiton audio" instead of realteks drivers?

    Every time i uninstall, i have the standard Microsoft driver, which i highly prefer because it works a lot better, but when i restarts, it automatically installs the Realtek drivers again. Is there anyway to keep the Microsoft drivers on windows 10?
  18. D

    Default to "Standard" speed?

    After cold start one chassis fan runs at about 1600 RPM. When I click "Standard" all run about 500. Temps are good at "Standard". How do I make "Standard" the default speed at boot up?
  19. B

    Upgrade laptop HDD / HDD Clone [Lenovo Y50]

    I'm looking to upgrade my standard hard drive to an SSD, and I think I've got the process down, but I want to make sure I don't mess anything up. 1. The Lenovo Y50 has a 2.5" hard drive space (I think, how can I confirm?) 2. I buy an SSD like this one...
  20. C

    Hear yourself through headphones (using a key)

    Hello there fellows! I am currently using a blue yeti microphone and some standard headphones, and when I connect the headphones to the microphone jack I can hear myself. Great. The problem is that I constantly hear my keyboard all the time, so therefor I wonder if there is any way I could...
  21. M

    Dcc Train controler applicaton?

    Read about it here: Digital Command Control (DCC) is a system to operate model railways digitally. Is there some sort of windows application I can install, (or code with c++, ect) to send out binary pulses from my USB port (by stripping the...
  22. A

    Jpeg icon unknown

    Hello, I recently have my icon changed for jpeg pictures ! What's the meaning of this icon ? How can I set up back the 'normal/standard' icon ? (why do I get this unusual icon by the way) Find attached a screenshot of the properties for the jpeg pict (which became the default icon today)...
  23. R

    Alienware M15X using Nvidia GTX 660M

    Just installed a Nvidia GTX 660M in my M15X and it doesn't recognize the 660M. Running on standard VGA driver. Any solutions?
  24. J

    Blue Yeti vs MXL 990

    I'm currently using a standard USB Blue Yeti microphone, and I'm contemplating getting an MXL 990 because the Yeti seems to be picking up quite a bit of EMI waves from my computer, and I've tried almost everything to try and fix it. The Yeti has proved to be quite sensitive, as I do a lot of...
  25. A

    i want to buy an HD TV but don't have HD cable, just standard AT&T UVerse. Can I still use the HD TV with what I have?

    I can't find any tv that isn't hd and the cable isn't mine it is a family member's o I can't upgrade. Can I still get a new tv?
  26. H

    Overclocking My GPU

    i have an XFX R9 280X DD with the standard fan cooling. I want to overclock it but don't know how or what to do it to. can anyone help?
  27. S

    what's better: defender + mbam, or a standard AV?

    windows 8.1 I presently have avast internet security 2015 installed and running as my only protection . Previously, I also had malwarebytes antimalware premium and malwarebytes anti-exploit premium, in addition to avast. But I experienced conflicts and slowdowns with this combination, so I got...
  28. M

    how to connect fisher speakers to the studio standard by fisher

    Trying to connect my fisher speakers to the vintage studio standard system by fisher
  29. G

    parent friendly network solutions

    Hi all i'm trying to install a parent friendly network into my home, this is such a widespread problem especially when children become addicted to internet based pass times that parents have to shut down the whole network to prevent unauthorised access. My idea is to use the wi-fi card on my...
  30. N

    upgrading macbook mid 2009

    I currently have the standard 4GB of RAM,2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 250GB storage in my Mid 2009 Mac Book Pro and would like to up upgrade. Apple states max is 8GB ram, 500GB storage is it alright to quadruple the specs? will this cause any harm for my laptop?
  31. J

    Gaming Laptop Recommendations (Student)

    Hey guys. I was wondering what laptop is fit for between $1000 - $1500. The range being such a standard gaming laptop one, I know there will be controversy. I, myself, have been researching as well but I could not choose one or the other, having ambivalent feelings here and there. Hopefully...
  32. Z

    how to connect my subwoofer to my pc

    I have a yamaha yst sw80 and I was wondering what cable I would need to connect it to a standard 3.5mm jack for my pc
  33. K

    I'm using win7 and one of my standard accounts won't open. I gives me the message the user profile service failed the logon. U

    I'm using win7 and one of my standard accounts won't open. I gives me the message the user profile service failed the logon. Usee profile cannot be loaded. Please help.
  34. T

    New Headset Undetected

    Just bought a new Logitech headset. It connects through 2 standard 3.5mm Jacks. I have tested them on another computer and they work fine with pug and play. The PC does not register that they are connected at all and I have tried all ports. There is no device to even make my standard device in...
  35. N

    Quries About Software Engineering

    Hello, I am little curious. I live in Karachi,Pakistan and Recently Passed my Matriculation (10th standard) With A+ Grade. I am Acutely interested in Software Engineering.. Software Engineering Is rapidly growing Field now, it is the most demanded Field and also has a really bright Future in...
  36. J

    Swapping a standard screen with touch screen?

    Hi All, Bit of an odd one I was hoping you could help me with. I have a broken Acer Aspire V5-472P (house mate managed to fry the motherboard with beer) and a recently purchased replacement the Acer Aspire V5-473. The specs and frame to me seem practically identical, except for the V5-472P...
  37. L

    Asus Zenbook UX303LN or 2015 Dell XPS 13

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at buying a new ultrabook and I've narrowed my selection to these 2: Asus UX303LN at 1350$ Processor Intel Core i7-4510U Standard Memory 8GB Hard Drive 256GB SSD Display Size 13.3" Display Technology QHD+ (3200x1800) Touch Screen Yes Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 840M with...
  38. forqueue

    Roku XDS SD component output possible?

    Have an older Mits TV with Standard Definition (SD) 480 i / p component inputs along with (HD) 1080i inputs. The Roku XDS shows no image when hooked up to either one using a generic 3.5mm AUX to RCA Component Green Blue Red adaptor. It WILL display when hooked up using a composite connection...
  39. T

    Cost savings Sweet

    My strategy to save $$$ on 130$+ TWC bill reducing it to $41.49 before tax: dropped Internet completely and use on cell phone now which uses unlimited data AT&T service, downgrade from preferred cable (aka variety pass) plan to standard cable 39.99, turned in DVR for regular box then turned...
  40. H

    what hard drive does the toshiba satellite l745-s4210 come standard with?

    exactly as the title, what hard drive does the toshiba satellite l745-s4210 come standard with?
  41. viveknayyar007

    Create a New Standard User Account in Chromebook

    Chrome OS installed on a Chromebook also allows you to create standard user accounts in addition to creating the administrators. Here is how you can create a new standard user in your Chromebook: ■Turn on your Chromebook. ■From the desktop screen, click Menu (Gear icon) from the bottom-left...
  42. J

    Headphones not working right

    I have Sony headphones (MDR-XB400IP) with the mic and buttons when I plug it into a device that uses the standard configurations it doesn't work very well but if i pull the jack out a bit it works great What I mean by not very well the audio sounds like anything panned center is missing I...
  43. P

    i have a 4g samsung note 4 coming but i have a standard 3g sim card will it work on the phone

    i have brought a 4g samsung note 4 but have a 3g sim card will it work with the phone
  44. M

    Extra speaker for right rear surround?

    I would like to run an extra speaker on the right rear surround output to get better coverage for the listening area. Can I do this with a standard speaker selector to match impedance? I'm using 8 ohm ceiling speakers. Amp is Pioneer VSX-32 (110 watts per channel), and they have advised against...
  45. D

    Alienware M15x 2gb nvidia gtx 660m unrecognised

    Hey im new here but ive just reinstalled windows 7 on my dell alienware m15x. It has an 2gb nvidia gtx 660m graphics driver but i cant seem to install in of the drivers. everytime i try to install a 660m driver it says cant find compatible hardware. But when i use the manual search on the nvidia...
  46. A

    Top 3 brands for a budget laptop

    Though I know that I can't get a standard laptop for the price of 20K INR (Indian Rupee) but what are the good laptops that I could try to pick one from? :ptdr:
  47. viveknayyar007

    Step Down As Owner of a Facebook Brand or Business Page

    The process to step down from the ownership of a Facebook brand/business page is simple. However if you are the only admin of the page, make sure that you make another Facebook user the owner before stepping down. Here is how you can promote another user as a page Admin, and leave your post...
  48. D

    pioneer receiver power cycle on power surge

    Hello - I have a fairly standard home theater setup with a weird occurrence. Whenever there is a power hungry appliance anywhere in my house (window a/c, dryer, microwave) requests power my A/V receiver blinks off for about 2 seconds. I have a RCN cable box, PS3 (mostly off), HTPC (mostly off)...
  49. A

    Is it possible to upgrade a laptop screen from 1920x1090 to 4k?

    Hi i own a y50 with a standard hd screen and was wondering, what are the parameters for changing out screens? If i was to purchase the screen from the y50 uhd would it work on the standard hd model? how do screen replacements in regards to hardware work? thanks
  50. B

    Razer Kraken standard vs Razor Kraken Pro

    Which should I go for the pro or the standard ???
  51. B

    my computer has speaker connections pon the card, is this standard 3.5mm jacks with +ve to centre and -ve to outer

    It shows connections to a vidio card direct to speakers, are they 2 connection jacks or 3 connection jacks?
  52. M

    Headset/Microphone Combo Jack work with...?

    I recently purchased a Lenovo laptop, and I was expecting to be able to plug my standard 3.5 mm headphones into the laptop. However, it appears the laptop has the Headset/Mic Combo jack, with which I have never had experience. I tried plugging my headphones into the combo jack, and it would not...
  53. U

    After wiping my hdd Windows won't recognize my mobile graphics card

    My fix: I went to the device manager, selected the graphics adapter or whatever it's called, right clicked and pressed update drivers and selected over the internet. It found the drivers and now I can install AMD Catalyst on it. Hope this helps, or the best solution down below :) Hi, recently...
  54. D

    Standard sim card?

    Id like to know what Nokia/Nokia lumia phone has a standard sim card
  55. S

    how can i run c++ program in visual studio 2013

    I just installed Visual Studio2013 and it is a totally new thing for me.I tried to run c++ program in it but it did not include any standard library file(iostream,h,conio.h).Because of it i am unable to make the most basic program in it..................please help me through this!!!!!
  56. M

    What can I do to restore the standard colour on computer screen as the background is black

    My computer is working but the background screen is black what can I do to restore to the original screen
  57. P

    Playback mode display

    I have an Olympus SZ-30MR and the display screen has suddenly gone into the advanced display instead of the normal Standard Display. How can I change it back?
  58. T

    Pioneer D1000 digital audio recorder on ebay in Germany - any good?!

    Hi everybody, Hi there There's a Pioneer D1000 digital audio recorder on ebay in Germany - As far as I've heard it's a high grade recorder, but before breaking the bank I'd like to hear any experiences that you might have with the equipment. A quick response would be much appreciated...
  59. T

    60 inch TV (ask)

    I just bought a new standard 60 Inch TV from Samsung. Will there be big difference watching 720p and 1080p on the TV? Currently I have a bunch of Bluray 720p movies in my external HD and I can just plug into the TV and watch it. Will the 720p movies watchable on the 60 inch TV? Good or bad...