Upgrade laptop HDD / HDD Clone [Lenovo Y50]


May 4, 2014
I'm looking to upgrade my standard hard drive to an SSD, and I think I've got the process down, but I want to make sure I don't mess anything up.

1. The Lenovo Y50 has a 2.5" hard drive space (I think, how can I confirm?)

2. I buy an SSD like this one


(Samsung EVO line)

3. I buy a hard drive enclosure like this one


4. Using a 3rd party cloning software (Any recommendations?), I clone my current hard drive (including the backup partition) to the SSD through the enclosure

5. I open my laptop and replace the stock HDD with the cloned SSD

6. Everything works fine, everything was exactly as I had it before, my Windows license will work and I will still get updates for free, I've not done anything illegal, and I can wipe my old drive to use as a portable hard drive in my new enclosure (right?)

Anyone see any problems? Did I miss any steps? Any recommendations on a way to do this better?

EDIT - 7. This will also not void my warranty (How can I check?)


Samsung drives come with the appropriate software, and a cable designed to do that with a laptop. No extra enclosure needed.

The main question is:
How big is the new SSD, and how much used space is on the current HDD?

This determines if you can actually do it.


May 4, 2014
I'm buying a 500, with 440 used on my current, but I plan on deleting approx 100gb worth of games that I don't play any more before the transfer, and I have about 200gb worth of music that I want to keep, but don't need on the SSD (currently rocking spotify premium).

How can I wipe the old drive once the transfer is complete? and should I still buy an enclosure to turn it into a portable hard drive?
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