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  1. MDXX

    Want 3d Mark to benchmark?

    Steam has 3 different ones. What is the standard? 3d mark, 3d mark 11, or 3d mark vantage
  2. J

    SAMSUNG digital audio output optical to headphones

    Please let me know what I need to connect a standard 3.5mm set of headphone to my optical audio out on my tv.
  3. E

    Fast laptop for standard use ... but to last long

    I'm searching for a laptop for my sister - she only browses the web, but likes to have a lot of tabs open, including few HD videos from YouTube. She also wants the computer to last for at least 5 years. I was looking at Lenovo's, given their reliability reputation. Looks like I'm choosing...
  4. J

    looking for help

    i have a cyber-shot DSC-H55 , 14.1 mega pixes camers. I would like to know the standard form of settings.
  5. K

    ok well i have a lenovo x100e and im trying to reset it to factory standard.

    ok well i have a lenovo x100e and im trying to reset it to factory standard but for some reason my recovery partion is gone and ive tryed using a flash drive to reset it but thats not working either and its useing windows 7 package 1,but ive looked all over the net and im not finding anything...
  6. D

    How to install standard sound device?

    Hello, got a new PC and everything is working fine so far - except sound. My speakers are plugged in and work fine with other devices, but my computer does not recognize them. When I right click on the audio icon I can select the playback device. Four of them show up: Nvidia HDMI Output (Port...
  7. K

    Standard Operating Temperature?

    I have had my Asus for about 2 years now, and currently the operating temperature of my laptops CPU is 55 C/131 F. I was wondering if that's standard or kind of high for being at rest.
  8. D

    Standard smartphone under 300$

    I am planning on getting a smartphone with the following specs- ♠Dual sim. ♠HD display and recording ♠High speed 3G ♠Standard battery life (in 3G and vibrate mode) ♠and lastly a personal preference- The ends of the phone must NOT be curved like most of the models of samsung. Brand must be...
  9. H

    What are the utilities that can help to test the components of a PC?

    Jus now build a PC , everything works fine . since its a new pc i like to check each components by using some standard methods / utilities so suggest me some utilities and procedure to check the components ..
  10. P

    Need School Tablet. Strictly Notecard making/note taking

    First I would like to point out I have no knowledge of the standard for tablets functional abilities sorry if some of my things sound redundant. I need a tablet for school that can ■ open Microsoft office files (ppt, word ect..). ■ be able to write side notes on any file I open ■ It needs...
  11. covertcode

    z906 surround system speaker wire help!!

    Hey everyone I currently have a Logitech z906 surround sound system hooked up to my pc, the speakers are connected to the sub with the standard speaker wire, I was just wondering if there was any outer connectors I can use such as banana plugs or what not to connect the speakers since the...