How to install standard sound device?


Oct 10, 2013

got a new PC and everything is working fine so far - except sound. My speakers are plugged in and work fine with other devices, but my computer does not recognize them. When I right click on the audio icon I can select the playback device. Four of them show up: Nvidia HDMI Output (Port 0) ... up to (Port 3). They are all greyed out and tell me there is no device plugged in. There are no other devices listed (such as standard or default or whatever - only the four HDMI). I reinstalled my Nvidia driver and the graphics works fine... but no sound at all. How can I install a simple standard audio device? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!
under sound device if the motherboard is using realteck audio chipset should be an icon called speakers. it should be the device that the main audio output device (have the green check mark next to it). look in device manager and see if there is a sound card drivers are loaded. if they are reboot and go into the bios check that under on board devices the sound card is on. on most newer mb the green port is the audio out port. if there no audio driver look under the pc vendor web page for drivers.