Woofers with Rhythmic Popping not Hooked to Amp/Rcvr


Jul 7, 2017

When I plug my 2 woofers in to the wall outlet using a standard power bar there is a rhythmic popping sound every 2-3 seconds. The speakers are not hooked to the amp/receiver just to the wall outlet. I just moved and thought that there was something in the electrical system (refrigerator etc on same circuit) causing it at my old house, but it continues to happen at the new house.

I am wondering if there is a problem with my woofers, if there is a special power bar that prevents this, or ...........something else that I haven't thought of. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

The amp that is driving the woofers could cause that kind of noise. Try a different amp.
If the amp is part of a power subwoofer you can connect a different woofer to it to check it.
Usually ground loops cause a constant hum or buzz not a pop.