Export Your Google+ Hangouts Video to YouTube

If you use Google+ Hangouts and have created your personal videos, you can easily export the videos to your YouTube channel if you have created one using your Google account.

When you export/upload any video to YouTube, you can share the video with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and also with all other YouTube users across the world who search for the videos related to the same genre.

Assuming that you have created videos using Google+ Hangouts, and you have a YouTube channel as well, here is how you can export your Google+ Hangouts videos to your YouTube account.

    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■In the address bar, type www.plus.google.com and press Enter.
    ■If you are not already logged in, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    Note: Ensure that your Google+ and YouTube accounts are same and are well synchronized.
    ■On the Google+ home page, hover mouse to the Home menu from the menu bar at the top-left corner.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Hangouts option.

    ■Under the Hangouts On Air section that is available at the lower-left corner, click the Start a Hangout On Air button.

    ■Once the Hangout On Air box appears, provide a title and brief description for the hangout in the respective fields.
    ■Click the Start toggle button to select the appropriate option depending on whether you want to start the broadcast instantaneously, or schedule it at some other time. (E.g. Now in this demonstration)
    ■In the Audience field, choose the target audience to whom you want to broadcast your hangout.
    ■Once everything is in place, click Share from the bottom.

    Note: Follow the on-screen instructions until the Google+ hangout screen appears under your hangout title. (E.g. Discussion in this demonstration.)
    ■On the opened page, click Start (video icon) to start recording video chat (or conferencing).

    ■On the Invite Guests window, if you want, you can invite guests by typing the names of the desired contacts in the available field and clicking the Invite button from the bottom.
    ■If you do not want to invite guests, click Skip to continue.

    ■Once the Google+ Hangouts on Air box opens up, check the I agree to both the ……. checkbox, and click Continue.

    ■Click Start broadcast from the Google+ video screen to start recording.

    ■On the opened Go Live box, click OK.

    ■Once done, when you want to end your hangout, click Stop broadcast from the bottom in order to stop recording.

    ■Click phone icon (icon with red in color) from the top to leave hangout.
    ■Finally click Close to close the This Hangout On Air is now over window.

    ■When you have done everything, the hangout video is automatically exported to your YouTube account.