Fortnite Battle Royale - All About Mushrooms

Fortnite Battle Royale is filled with weird items and a mushroom is one of those items. The mushroom basically gives you shield points, now think for yourself, how can a mushroom give you shield? Well, if you can digest the death of physics in Tom & Jerry, then you can digest it too. Anyways, a mushroom can be a very useful item in desperate times and you should give it a try. You will find everything about the mushroom written below:

What Do They Do?
Mushrooms are the progression after release of the apples. Consuming mushrooms will give you shield. Each mushroom that you consume will give you 5 points of the shield. You can consume as many mushrooms as you want until you hit the 100 points mark. This means that you can consume mushrooms to all the way till 100 and then you will not be able to consume the mushrooms. It is a good way to get some shield points if you lack shield potions or you just need to fill a few points of your shield.

Where to Find Them?
The good thing is that unlike the apples, you can find mushrooms in same places (mostly). Epic has officially announced that players can find mushrooms in the swampy areas or shady wooded areas. This means that Epic is pointing out to two likely places. These are the Moisty Mire and the Wailing Woods.

Also, you will find the mushrooms laying on the ground and around the trees. Also, unlike the apples, mushrooms can also be found directly onto the trees. So if you are foraging around for mushrooms, them besides looking around the trees, make sure to look onto the trees as well. The mushrooms will have a bright blue colour so for that when you are on the hunt for mushrooms.

How to Use Them?
Once you come across a mushroom on the ground, all you need to do to consume it is to run up to it and then press the “Use” key to consume the mushroom. It will only take one second to consume the whole mushroom, so there is no need to be worried about letting your guard down. Once you consume it, you will instantly get 5 shields. Also, remember that you cannot consume a mushroom if you hit the 100 points mark of your shield bar.

This all there is to know about the mushrooms. Just make sure to keep looking for them around the trees or onto them when you are going towards the circle and especially if you pass through Moisty Mire or Wailing Woods. Don’t think that a mushroom is of no use as it only fills 5 points of the shield, in the game like Fortnite, even 5 points of shield can save you from dying.

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