Fortnite Battle Royale - Everything About V-Bucks


Just like most of the games, Fortnite Battle Royale has a virtual currency as well that is called V-Bucks. Many players get confused about what they are, how they can get it and what benefits they provide. You will get all the information about them in the guide below:
What are V-Bucks?
Epic has provided players with an incredible game; Fortnite Battle Royale and to keep that game running and up to date, they need funds. And that’s where V-Bucks come in. It is a virtual currency through which you can get some handsome and colorful cosmetics in the game; Skins. The items that you get from V-Bucks are for fashion purposes and players can enjoy new skins that appeal to the eye. For instance, Epic introduced John Wick skin in the game which John Wick lovers bought at an insane rate. So this is basically what V-Bucks are and you can get them through different ways including both paid and free.
How to Get V-Bucks?
It is simple. V-Bucks can be acquired through two ways, paid and non-paid. The paid route of-course require your credit card that you can use and get the V-Bucks.

Whereas the free ones will require some struggle. You can get V-Bucks from daily log-ins which is the easiest but slowest way to get some V-Bucks. You just need to log into the game each day to get your hands on a small amount of V-Bucks. Also, you can get them by completing daily quests that have a pre-decided amount of V-Bucks that you can get as soon as you complete them. You can also get them through the Storm Shield Defense missions that are dotted around in a number of locations in the map. So in the end, it all comes down to what you want. If you don’t want to pay for the V-Bucks, you can take the free route but it will be very slow. Or, if you want them instantly, you can use your credit card to buy them.

Do the Skins Give You any Competitive Advantage?
No! The skins that you purchase with the help of V-Bucks do not give you an advantage. But, if we talk about the advantages indirectly, then you may benefit from them depending on the enemy. If your enemy gets scared or intimidated easily then having the right skin can benefit you.

How? Well take this example; if you and your three other friends have the same John Wick skin and you come out in front of an enemy, he may think that you have been around in the game for a while and that’s why you have a skin that is expensive and stylish. They may get intimidated and you may get an advantage over them. But besides this benefit, there are no competitive advantages of skins.

The information given above is enough for you to understand what V-Bucks are, how you can get them and what benefits they have.