Fortnite Battle Royale - Get More XP and Level Up Battle Pass

This is a strategy that will get you maximum time alive and placement XP. You just need to remain AKF (away from keyboard) after you have chosen a perfect spot for yourself. You can consistently earn 328 XP every 15 minutes while just actively playing for 1 to 2 minutes. What you need to do is to survive until the initiation of the third circle and place top ten. You just need to wait to be in the top 10 after the beginning of the third circle and then you can eliminate yourself by walking into the storm.

Choose a Platform Wisely:
You can either play on big screens of consoles and PC or you can play on mobile. If you play with a mobile phone for this particular reason of increasing your XP then you will have two benefits. Firstly, the game usually starts with 90 players out of 100 so it will increase your chances of getting to the third circle. Secondly, you can camp with mobile phone easily as its small screen and tricky controls do not allow other players to see clearly.

Once the game starts, don’t jump immediately. Wait for the bus to reach the center and then jump. This will make it easier for you to remain in the closing circle. Now once you jump out, immediately pull out the glider and wait for the first circle to appear. This is because you will sit where you land, so you need to know the position of the circle. If the center is in a town, mark the map in a green area outside to land in bushes.

When you are landing, aim for the bushes if it’s possible. This is because the bushes are one of the best places to hide if you do it right. When you are landing, avoid the area where people might pass from and check your surroundings to see if anyone has spotted your landing. It is imperative to make sure that no one is aware of your location.

This is the most integral part of the whole process. You need to hide in a way that makes you go unnoticed. This is because you need to remain hidden until the third circle and if you are spotted and killed before that, you will not get the XP. So select the bush that can at least hide 70 percent of your body. Once you are in a bush, crouch. Also, pull out your build menu to hide the pickaxe, it will make you less visible. Lastly, look at the ground to make it even harder for players to spot you.

Now Just Wait:
Now you need to wait to be killed by the storm. The place where you landed puts you in a perfect position to survive first and second storms and may kill you at the start of the third circle. Just let the storm eliminate you after the third circle, don’t attempt to get the first or second place, it will just waste your time.

Just remember that you need to die through the storm to get the XP. Do not leave the game through the menu because you will not get the XP that way.
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