Fortnite Battle Royale - Heavy Shotgun Tips

Epic has recently introduced their Heavy shotgun in the Fortnite Battle Royale and players are going crazy over it. The gun is beast and is made on the layout of Spas 12. But the problem is that this gun can only be obtained from the supply crates and chests, so not a lot of players will have this gun. But if you get the gun then you should know the below-given tips to take out every enemy you see:

Get Personal:
Just like every other shotgun the Heavy shotgun works best from a close to medium range. But the benefit with this Heavy shotgun is that it does a lot of damage to the opponent. So make sure to get close to the opponent and then shoot him to get the optimal damage and who knows you may even kill the opponent with just one shot if you fire from a very close distance.

Jump Around:
The key to avoiding shots fired from the opponent is in jumping around. Your jumping around will make it harder for the opponent to air properly and take a shot. But since you will have a shotgun, you will not have to focus much on aiming as you can just point the crosshairs at the opponent and fire the shot. This is an incredible tactic and can get save you some medkits. But don’t try this with sniper rifles as you will have to stay still while you are shooting. It only works best with a shotgun.

Aim for Head:
Look, there is no denying about the damage of shotgun, and even if you do not hit on the head, you will definitely do a lot of damage. But, if you take a half second and set the crosshairs to head and then take the shot, you may hit the head of the opponent. And if you do, the opponent will not be able to survive this shot and you will definitely get the kill. So take your time and aim for the head. You will have greater odds of killing the enemy in a single shot.

Use Aim Down Sights:
If you don’t know about Aim Down Sights, then let me tell you about it first. Aim Down Sights or ADS is whenever you see the iron sights or any optic on your gun then that particular function is called as Aim Down Sights. It is important that you fire with ADS when you are using the Heavy shotgun at a medium distance. This is because the ADS of Heavy shotgun gives a good accuracy and range. Also, its zoom can be compared to the zoom of a rifle so it’s pretty good in aiming too.

The aforementioned tips for Heavy Shotgun are very powerful if you use them the right way. Just follow these tips and practice them. Soon, you will be able to take out enemies with a Heavy shotgun like a pro.
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