Fortnite Battle Royale - Less Populated Areas

There are some players who want early game action and then there are some who want to land in peaceful areas with a good amount of loot. So if you are from the second category, this guide to less popular places if just for you.

So without further ado, let’s get started:
Snobby Shores:
The area on the map that is located at the A5 coordinate on the map was released with the patch 2.0 so that means it is 3 seasons old. And this is one of the primary reason of it being less populated as it has been around for a long time and people need variety so they switch to newer areas of the map. It is located to the northwest of the Greasy Groove and to the southwest of the Pleasant Park. The area has tons of loot and a lot of chests can be found in this area. Although it is usually pretty quiet, you can sometimes expect a player or two.

Southeast of the Salty Springs:
This is a safe area if you want to land somewhere quiet and peaceful. There are three broken houses in this area and you will find a chest in each of those houses. Besides the chests, the houses have some pretty good loot as well. There is no one landing in this area so you can easily secure three chests and then move to salty springs to take out enemies there.

Risky Reels:
If you want to land with a bit of action and a lot of loot, then this area is the one you should be landing at. With the new additions and updates in the map, this area has become a lot less popular Once you are done looting up the main portion, you can go to the east side as there are a couple of houses that you can loot and then you can go west to get some more loot. You can then go to the Tomato Town located to the south to get some more loot and may even come across an enemy or two.

Lucky Landing:
These days, the Lucky Landing is a very quiet spot. But the good thing is that it has a lot of loot that you can grab quickly as there are not many players landing here. The only drawback of landing here is that it is located further from the center so if you have a northern circle, you will have to do a lot of running to reach it. So if you want to go there, make sure that the bus is heading there as well otherwise don’t make long glides only to land there.

These are some of the less populated areas that are found on the map as of now. If you want to get some good amount of loot and don’t want to see much action at the start, then these are the areas you should land in.