Fortnite Battle Royale - Lightning Bolt Locations

There are several lightning bolts spread across the map in Fortnite Battle Royale, they are basically used in completing the daily challenges and if you want to know where you can find the lightning bolts in the map, then refer to the guide below:
Lightning Bolt Locations:
Retail Row:

Go to the Retail and you will spot the lightning bolt over the street and at the middle. It will be low enough to allow you to build up to it from the ground level. So what you can do is go to the roof of a nearby building and then start building from there and then grab the bolt.

Tilted Towers:
This one is probably the most dangerous bolt to get in the Fortnite Battle Royale. Firstly, it is in Tilted Towers where a person with a death wish goes. Secondly it is at a height that is enough to kill you if you fall. However, it is not far from the central building. So if you can get to the building you will be able to get it easily. But keep in mind that you will still be vulnerable to fall through if someone starts to shoot your gantry.

This one is fairly safe and easy to get. If you go three to four levels up, you will see it right in the middle of the car park. You can build your way up there. There is not many issues of fall damage as it is not much of a height, you will only have to worry about bullets and guns.
Greasy Grove:
This one is also easy to grab. It is not at a height and you can easily grab it. This also means that you will not have to worry about fall damage. Just build a ramp and grab it.

Tomato Town:
There is a lightning bolt at the west of the Tomato Town. It will be located by a little hill. You can just build from the edge of the hill towards the lightning bolt and grab it. But remember, if someone shoots your structure, you will take a lot of fall damage.
Loot Lake:
The lightning bolt found in the Loot Lake is relatively easy to get. It is not too high so you can easily get it by just building a few ramps from the north side.

Dusty Divot:
Getting the lightning bolt in Dusty Divot is a bit of a challenge. The area has changed significantly but it still is a death trap. You will find the lightning bolt at the center of the area and you can either fly in or get enough material to reach it. It is high but it is not death high so you won’t have to worry about fall damage.
These are seven places where you can find a lightning bolt.

Just make sure to be careful when building towards a bolt as the fall damage can kill you in some cases.