Fortnite Battle Royale - Resource Management Tips

One of the issues that players face in the Fortnite Battle Royale is that they run out of resources especially wood. So that way, they face challenges in building bases and structures at the end game.
Therefore, in order to take your useful resources to the end game, you should follow the resource management tips given below:
Always Have Them:
No matter what you do, always try to have enough resources with you so you can create at least an emergency wall. You should not get caught out in the open without resources because you will be then vulnerable to enemy fire. You should have at least 300 of each resource so you can build an emergency shelter if you are left out in the open with an enemy in front of you.

Gather As Much as You Can:
This point cannot be stressed enough. You should not just focus on gathering weapons. The most important thing after the fighting is defending and that’s what resources are used for. You should give your whole focus to gathering resources once you have collected weapons. This is because you will be needing them at the end game when you will be faced with other survivors who will be better at both fighting and defending.

So even if you are running towards the circle, try to gather resources on the go. And keep one thing in mind, don’t be a miser when it comes to using the resources in combat, even if you need to build a tower during a fight, do it. You can always gather more.

Wood is More Viable Option:
There is no denying that wood is a more practical option to choose when you are in combat or if you need a defense quickly. This is because the wood will be quick in the formation and its structures spawn with 100 hp which is more than the initial health of stone or metal. SO whenever you are faced with a situation where you need to build something quickly like a tower or a defensive structure, you can utilize wood.

Utilize Every Resource:
This is crucial; you should not just go for only one resource as this will deplete that resource when you reach at the end game. Therefore, instead of just building with wood in the whole game, you should op for metal and stone as well. If you see there are no players around and you are in a circle, you can build a tower with bricks as it takes some time. And if you want to reach a higher ground let’s say to take some loot or to open a chest, you use stairs of metal to save up your wood.

These are some of the tips related to resource management; if you want to save up your resources by the end of the game, then these are some tips that you should consider.