Fortnite Battle Royale - Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Tips

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is relatively new but has a very high accuracy and a very powerful scope that can help you see things you cannot see otherwise.

If you want to get better with this weapon and use it effectively then follow some of the tips mentioned below:
Similar to Scoped Assault Rifle:
The Thermal Scoped Assault rifle is very similar to the scoped assault rifle, so that means it will have a very high accuracy. This is a good thing considering its added advantage of thermal scope; you can take out enemies that are hidden in bushes as well. But it also has the drawbacks that a scoped assault rifle has. Which means it will have a low fire rate and reduced magazine size making you vulnerable in close ranged combats. So make sure to keep a normal assault rifle or a medium to close range weapon with you as well so you can defend yourself if anything goes south.

Search Around:
Due to the benefit of a thermal scope, this assault rifle can give you an idea of a lot of different things. These things include chests, enemy heat signatures and supply drops etc. So with this benefit, you can point out chests that are hidden in random spots or you can see enemies that are hiding in places where you cannot look otherwise. So whenever you get a Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, make sure to look around thoroughly through its scope to discover things that you could’ve not discovered otherwise.

Do Tap Fire:
One of the drawbacks of using the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is its heavy recoil. This type of recoil can not only disturb your aim but also take time before you can aim and shoot again. These things can get you killed if you miss your first shot or if the enemy does not die in the first shot. So what you need to do is to do tap fire. Meaning you should not fire continuously while you are aiming. Fire several small shots with a gap of a few seconds so your aim does not go very high due to high recoil.

Easy to Find:
The best thing about this weapon is that bit is easy to find. Even it has a very long range and a very high accuracy; it will be found easily. There is no need to drop the idea of finding this gun because you think it will not be discovered easily. You can find it in chests, supply drops and even in the floor loot. So make sure to look thoroughly for this gun and you will get it easily.

These are some of the tips regarding the new thermal scoped assault rifle. Just make sure to follow these tips to get better with this weapon.