Fortnite Battle Royale - Worst Mistakes New Players Make

Fortnite Battle Royale gets a lot of newcomers on a daily basis and most of them make mistakes that can get them killed easily. So to know what those mistakes are and to avoid them, read the instructions given below:
Heading Straight to a Big City:
Majority of players in Fortnite tend to be a bit extra greedy and what they usually do is jump out of the bus and head straight to the biggest city they spot on the map.

Well, this is not a good idea as you will probably not have many weapons at the first few minutes of the game and you will not be able to defend yourself if you get into a fight. And big areas have a lot of players so what you should do is to head for the areas that are small and away from big areas.

Overlooking the Building Materials:
Although Fortnite is kind of a game where you go with your guns out and attack whoever you come across, there is more to it than just that. You will need to properly plan for the endgame as all of the action happens there. And building structures is the most important part of the end game. But to build those structures, you will need material and most of the players just run past important sources of building materials like large trees, cars and rocks. So instead of just rushing towards the center of the circle, try to look around and see if you can get some resources on your way.

Using a Wrong Weapon:
Most of the players only use the assault rifles as it is indeed one of the best all-rounder weapons that can work on the low range, medium and high as well. But, it is not always a good idea to use the assault rifle. This is because the gun can be outperformed by some other guns in some certain situations like close combat with a shotgun at your opposite side. So, try out some other weapons as well and you may get better results with other weapons. Also, rapidly switching weapons can save your life in Fortnite as you can quickly switch to another weapon if you run out of a magazine.

Messy Inventory:
This is one of the worst things that a new player does. You need to work on your inventory management skills. People mix up weapons with resources and health items. This can hinder your weapon switching and when you need to switch to a shotgun you may take out a medic kit accidentally and get killed. So try to put your items and weapons in order in your inventory.

These are some of the worst mistakes that new players make in Fortnite and you should avoid such mistakes to make sure you survive longer in the game.