God of War: Gameplay Guide - 15 Tips for Beginners

God of War is one of the unique, action-packed, hand to hand combat games currently on the market. If you have decided on joining the millions of users in the virtual world of Aretus, and Kratos, fighting demons, witches, and all sort of enemies. Then these tips are for you.

1. God of War is incredibly well crafted, every location, and every moment has a purpose. Take your time to look through all the details, make sure that you don’t miss anything.
2. Look for all the Odin Ravens. Odin Ravens are a fun part of the game, and are incredibly helpful. Look, and listen for any sort of clues that might lead you to Odin ravens.

3. God of war isn’t like most other games. I strongly advise you to not skip any cut scenes. Listen to everything that is being said.
4. God of war has a ton of side missions, and quest that you should always be on the lookout for, but sometimes you will come across a tomb or a puzzle that may look like a side quest, but in actuality isn’t. Remember that if there is no obvious way to enter into it, it’s not meant to be entered.
5. Try to find Odin’s chamber early in the game. Watch a YouTube video or read an article on how to get there. It’s cheating, but totally worth it. Go into Odin’s chamber, take the lift to go down. When you see the artifact then you can thank me.
6. In the cutthroat world of God of War, sometimes we forget that some of the fights are optional. So let go of your ego, and let it go. You can always come and fight them again.
7. Your Runic Attack is one of your best friends in the game. Change up your Runic according to the need of the situation, pack heavy or light things accordingly.

8. The combat speed of God of War is different than other games. When you are starting out the combat speed is slow. But the speed gradually increases as you progress in the game. Learn to gel with the pace.
9. God of War is unique, in a fight scenario in God of War, you can use things in your surrounding as a weapon. Whenever you enter into a closed environment remember to first look for things that could give you an advantage.
10. You don’t need to kill every enemy spectacularly, as they say the shortest distant between two points is a straight line. Just get the job done, kill him in the simplest way possible. You can throw people off the cliff to instantly kill them.
11. Learn to use arrows and axe. Practice with these as much as you can. These will greatly help you in the long run.

12. Find the slow time amulet. This will save your life many times, and it looks very cool; when it slows down the enemy.
13. One of the most common mistakes by a beginner is that they buy too much, too soon. Remember to buy things only when you need them, or otherwise wait before buying expensive armors, when you have sufficiently advanced in the game, only then buy stuff.
14. Use your XP to further enhance your arrow Skills.

15. The most important thing is to identify your style of fighting, and your way of playing the game. Stay true to your strength, and try to turn your weaknesses into your strength. For instance, if you are not being able to fight with a specific weapon correctly, practice with it as much as you can and get better at using it.

Follow these tips to experience the game like a pro. These tips will definitely help you in not only playing like an expert but end it quickly as well.