God of War - How to Defeat Sigrun

The fight with the Sigrun will take place in Council of Valkyries once you have defeated the previous Valkyries and have put their helms in empty chairs. Sigrun has pretty much every move the other eight Valkyries had. You have to apply everything that you've learned up to this point.

To start the fight, just touch the realm tear that is in the middle of the arena and then the fight will start right after Sigrun grabs you. She will come at you hard and fast. Once you've effectively avoided her assault combo, she'll stop to recover for a moment allowing you to begin your attack. Ensure you have speedy Runic attacks prepared that tie together well to take advantage of these openings. Runic assaults are an incredible method to break her wing shield as well.

Atreus's bolts don’t harm Sigrun, so don't stress over watching him during the battle. His summons aren't too effective either, so the best alternative is generally Ratatoskr. The wolves also help break her combos now and then. However, it's difficult to give up the chance to get additional health from the squirrel. If you do get Ratatoskr, ensure you just call him when you are planning on utilising the health or else it'll vanish after a moment.

Remember the following things:

Come in Swinging: The Valkyries simply sit, waiting for you to start the battle. You can take advantage of this and start attacking them by tossing your hardest assaults at them from the beginning.

Tolerance: This cannot be focused on enough — going up against Sigrun will require a considerable measure of persistence and patience. Learn the patterns of her assaults, avoid the assaults, and then consider how to attack her when she is not attacking you. You'll discover that the Sigrun will have a particular arrangement of assaults that can be maintained from a strategic distance or countered to damage her.

Use the boy to stun Sigrun: Atreus' bolts can turn the tide of the fight in these battles. Whenever Sigrun ascends into the air and a red circle shows up around her, stun her with a bolt or two to get an opportunity to attack her.

Utilize Runic Attacks: The best method to inflict harm on Sigrun is to attack her with your weapons' exceptional Runic attacks. You'll need to utilize the weapons frequently and make sure to land your attacks accurately.

Bring a Resurrection stone: Even with all of the tactics above, there is a chance that you may not be able to defeat Sigrun in one go. Pick up a resurrection stone, as it will allow you to be revived with full rage meter so you can heal and deal damage as well.

In this battle, vision is key. Sigrun's greatest assaults all include her flying up into the air. To ensure you can distinguish and maintain a strategic distance from her, stay far from her for the majority of the battle and hold your back near the divider. The battle will take longer than others, but its worth it. A large number of her assaults include her plunging toward Kratos, and if you’re too close, you won’t have enough time to dodge.

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