God of War: Lake of Nine - Complete Guide

God of War is an open-world virtual fantasy game with a great deal of the puzzles and areas. And Lake of Nine has most of the areas and puzzles embedded. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing to understand the Lake of Nine, so in this guide, we will give you a brief intro of Lake of Nine.

The Lake of Nine district of Midgard fills in as your hub. Your entrance to everything in and around that hub is gated. However, it's gated in different stages. And that’s what makes it sort of difficult to explore since you need to think fourth dimensionally.

As you advance in the game and discover regions, you'll clean up much more fog and include extra markers (like shops and Mystic Gateways) to map. The exploration of the map is quite often rewarded in God of War. At the very least, you may also discover some hacksilver to use in upgrading your equipment. And the best thing about Lake of Nine is that it is the part where you will be doing most of the exploration, so that means more rewards.

The Lake of Nine:The confusing part of the Lake of Nine is that the topography and environment around it changes as you advance through the game. There are two particular stages that are tied to the main story goals:

A Path to the Mountain: This stage starts amid your first visit to the Lake of Nine (after you meet the Witch). This stage uncovers various boat docks and areas you can visit. We will call this the High Water stage.

A New Destination: This stage begins after you visit the highest point of the Mountain, come back to the Witch, paddle back to Lake of Nine and finish "A New Destination" on Tyr's Bridge. This starts what we'll call the Low Water stage. The Low Water stage uncovers new watercraft docks and opens up to new zones of spots you've already visited.

Areas in Lake of Nine:
Lake of Nine encompasses 20 different areas that are categorized in the High water stage and Low water stage. Below are the areas that are found in Lake of Nine:

• Vanaheim Tower

• Lookout Tower

• The Witch’s Cave

• Muspelheim Tower

• Niflheim Tower

• Iron Cove

• Isle of Death

• Fafnir’s Storeroom

• Forgotten Caverns

• Helheim Tower

• Alfheim Tower

• Stone Falls and Veithurgard

• Volunder Mines

• Cliffs of the Raven

• Svartalfheim Tower

• Light Elf Outpost

• Ruins of the Ancient

• The Mason’s Channel

• Buri’s Storeroom

• Asgard Tower

Some of the aforementioned places in Lake of Nine are physically out of reach and there are also places you can't move beyond without specific tools. As you advance through God of War's story, you'll get more tools and you will be able to solve more puzzles. And then you will be able to access the above mentioned places.
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