God of War: Realm Tear Guide - Get Forbidden Grip of the Age

The first challenge that is between you and the legendary axe pommel is to get into Muspelheim tower. Just one of the tower’s elevator works and that one is stuck at the top. So you need to come at it from the other side of doors.

1. The way to Muspelheim Tower begins at the Lookout Tower amid the Low Water stage.

2. Return to the Lookout Tower beach and fight with the Nightmares that are waiting for you.
3. On the right side of the beach at the west end, search for a crack that you can climb. There will be Spikes coming down from the top, so you can't climb it yet. Look at the left for a spinning pillar. Hit it with your axe until the point when the spikes disappear, now climb up.
4. On the top, follow the way to the right side and jump the gap. There will be more spikes blocking your way. So turn around and hit the pillar that is spinning until the spikes go away.
5. Now, you will see another cliff, climb it as well. Upon reaching the top, turn to left, and you will see a wooden chest and also a chain that will lead back down to high water area of Lookout Tower. Now look at the right of the wooden chest, you will see another cliff, climb it.
6. Keep on climbing until you reach the top and see a zip line. Ride the zip line down and then fight with the Nightmares and Revenant.
7. Once done, you will see More than a Myth Shrine directly ahead of you. Look at the right to that, and you will see the Kneel before Thor buried treasure if you picked the map in Landsuther Mines.
8. Don’t worry if you don’t have the map, just cross the gap that is at the left of the Shrine and then climb the wall. Upon reaching the top, you will find a Legendary Chest; you will pick up Symbol of Heart enchantment there.
9. There will also be doors, push them open, and you will reach the Muspelheim Tower. Look at your right, and you will see a mystic gateway to know it is the Muspelheim Tower.


When you have reached the Muspelheim Tower, you can then get your new favourite axe pommel.
To "uncover the forgotten treasure," (The Grip of the Age) You need to stand at the center of Golden Circle and then look in specific directions. Furthermore, you need to do it very quickly. We will walk you through it, so you don't need to stress over doing this last part.

So the directions that you need to look at are:
Left — the brazier at the left side of the tower.
Straight — Tyr's Temple in front of you.
Right — the brazier at the right side of the tower.
Down — at the floor.

Once you do it correctly, you will get the forbidden grip of the ages.

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