God of War: Talisman Guide

God of War is amazing, where you need not only your wits about you, but you also need to have considerable skill. The game mixes strategy with action perfectly. In God of War, a talisman is a source of a wide array of powers and abilities. You can get the talismans throughout the game. The talismans will give you an extra edge in the game. This Blog is a step by step guide to finding a main and most beneficial Talisman, The Golden Talisman of Protection and two other Talismans that are beneficial to start the game with.

The Golden Talisman of Protection

The golden talisman of protection is one of the first talismans that you are likely to find in the game, and you can find it just five hours into the game. You will first have to reach the Lake of Nine in Midgard that is situated in a location called Stonefalls.

All of this must happen during your mission to get into Veithurgard. On the way to the Veithurgard, you have to first open the Tyr’s bridge just past the Alfheim tower. The step by step guide is below:
1. First get to the Mystic Gate.
2. Go through the gate, but it is very important to remember to ignore the chain on your left, defeat any enemies that you may face.
3. Then turn to your right, and throw your ax at the chain holding the bridge,
4. Go back to the first gate
5. Pull the chain; this will reveal another bridge: Jump across it.
6. Immediately after the bridge, there should be a large wheel, the wheel controls the gate to Veithurgard, by operating the wheel you can open the doors.
7. There should be an angry spirit there. Do not disturb him, just sneak past him.
8. Once you have passed the spirit, you should see a gate. The gate leads back to place where you fought the revenants.
9. Go through the gate.
10. There you will find the legendary chest.
11. The legendary chest should have the golden talisman of protection.


The Charm of Infinite Storms:

This talisman creates a storm upon activation. That storm increases the damage resistance for Kratos and stops enemies from interrupting his attacks. You can find it in a Golden Chest in the Helheim. Break the barrier that is on the other side of the bridge near the entrance. Go down the chain on the left. Now turn to left and then go in the cave that is behind the other red barrier, and that’s where you will find the chest.

Talisman of Realms:

This is also a very powerful talisman. It allows the player to summon realm shift that will slow down all the nearby enemies for some time. You can get it by defeating Valkyrie Kara found in the hidden chamber of Odin. You can access the chamber through witch’s cave if you follow the path that is left from the bridge.

Finding a talisman in God of war can be a tricky thing, but the talisman is so worth it. Always be on the lookout for a talisman; they can greatly help you in your quest by enhancing your power, and abilities. The golden talisman of protection is one of the easiest to find along with the Talisman of Realms and the Charm of Infinite Stones.
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